Saturday, August 28, 2010

In a (DC) state of mind

For the first time in four years, I am not spending the day lugging boxes, suitcases, plastic bins, and sometimes if I procrastinated packing too long trash bags full of my possessions into the GW dorms. It is the strangest feeling. When I left GW I was ready to be an adult and start a new adventure. Yes, I cried like a baby after our last girls night out...we made quite the teary eyed scene down at the Georgetown waterfront nbd...but I knew it was time for new things. Life has been exciting since graduating but today has definitely been tough to get through. It's really sinking in that I'm not going to be starting classes again. I won't be spending anymore Sunday afternoon's with the TFGW girls and guys planning events and fundraisers. There's no more lazy afternoons sprawled on the couch with Meha for a Sex in the City or Gilmore Girls marathon. No more Sunday night dinners devouring Chinese food while sitting on Ora's floor. No more running upstairs to Jen, Lauren, Aria, and Steffi can talk me through my latest love life crisis. No more hitting up Adam's Morgan with Rachel every Saturday night. So in honor of the amazing family I left behind at GW who are now scattered all over the country, here's a list of all the shenanigans I miss the most.

1. Rhino Bar: Rachel's and my favorite haunt. The one place we would always hit up when we were in search of Red Sox fans or marines...or if we were extra lucky a marine who was a Red Sox fan! Many a poor choice happened at this place...including the night we some how ended up with a pair of guys downstairs and the two navy school boys we'd be hanging out with upstairs. No one knows how we successfully pulled this off...especially us hahaha The Situation and Pauly D would have been proud.
2. La Tasca Happy Hours: These were some of the best nights of Senior Year. We would sit for hours and hours just talking and enjoying each others' company. Occasionally it would be followed by impromptu shopping trips at Urban Outfitters hahaha
3. Manouch: He never judged when I stumbled over after a night at McFadden's. In fact, sometimes he would even let me cut the line. He never disappointed with his magical GW sauce and his words of wisdom. Since even though his hot dogs are delicious, the real reason to visit Manouch is for his wisdom.
4. McFadden's: This list would not be complete without a shout out to this GW staple. I think I spent just about every Thursday night Senior Year at McFadden's...yes I was that girl. I also won about 4 open bar happy hours so it was well worth it.
5. Gelman Starbucks: While I love my local Starbucks in NYC, there was something calming about walking out of the library and into the Gelman Starbucks. Everyone in there was overstressed, overtired, and overworked. It made you feel better about your procrastination habits.
6. The Fashion: I actually kinda miss all the girls wearing leggings as pants. Yes, I am guilty of doing this too (it's not my fault...GW brainwashed me) but the use of leggings as pants is not a huge inside joke in NYC like it was on campus.
7.Military Guys: If you're reading this you are probably familiar my ridiculous decision to date (or maybe hang out with is a better term?? since we all know my aversion to actually seriously dating anyone hahaha) guys in the military. I really don't know what inspired this but I freaking miss it. All we've got in NYC is guys from West Point (not my style...waaaaaay too full of themselves...and clingy ewww). Watch out when I'm back in DC in October :P
8. Theme Parties: Our Olympic Party, Political Scandals, and Britney Spears Get Better parties will go down in the record books. I still want to know who managed to get wine all over the ceiling at my Olympic Party. My money's on Drunk John or maybe Oklahoma...he was a sneaky one.
9. Pizza Club: There is nothing better than being served a jumbo slice while techno music plays and a disco ball flashes. Bonus points for dancing on the furniture which is always encouraged.

I could go on for days about all of our shenanigans but there are the highlights. Lots and lots of love to all my Gdub Girlies. <3333333


  1. i love everything about this, except you left out the the actual gelman library (i can't believe you don't miss it there) AND the georgetown strip (including jcrew!)

  2. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN OCTOBER! All I am saying is that if you don't reserve an evening for me there will be tears!