Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stuff I Like

It's Wednesday and you know what that means...time for the latest edition of "Stuff I Like"! This week's list is partially inspired by the miserable rainy weather we've been having.

1. Rain Boots
Every man, woman, and child needs a good pair of rain boots.  I don't care how old you're lying if you don't think there's something strangely satisfying about stomping in a puddle.  Plus, how can you not love something that's both super cute and practical?  They are especially good for you city do NOT want dirty city street water all up in your shoes.  I splurged on this gorgeous pair of Burberry boots but there are plenty of affordable options as well.

2. Jeggings
I hate wearing pants when it's raining.  No matter how much rain gear you have on, they still end up being a disgusting soggy mess by the time you arrive at your destination.  Jeggings are the PERFECT solution.  They look like real pants but since they're like tights they dry super fast.  Since jeggings are not always office appropriate regular old leggings do the trick as well.  For both jeggings and leggings I'm a huge fan of Hue...they even make sparkle leggings.  However always make sure to NEVER EVER EVER wear jeggings or leggings as a substitute for pants.  Stay classy and make sure your top covers your butt.

3. thesixtyone
 As you all know, I absolutely LOVE music.  I'm always looking for new bands to check out and this is the perfect site to do it at. is similar to Pandora except it much more interactive.  You can explore different genres, listen to a song as many times as you want, and there's no monthly limit.  Plus, I'm ridiculously competitive and it's set up like a game.  You earn points by discovering new bands and "liking" music that becomes popular.  I recently discovered AWOLNATION through the site and their stuff is incredible.

4.  Post-Its
Being an employed adult has made me ridiculously dependent on Post-It notes.  In fact, throughout the course of the week, I've been scribbling down my "Stuff I Like" list on Post-Its (no judging).  But in all seriousness there's no way I could make it through work without Post-Its.  We deal with so much paperwork if I don't stick notes on the applications about their status I would get completely lost.  The fact that they were mentioned in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion...aka one of the greatest films of all time...also earns Post-Its some serious bonus points.

5. Head Automatica's "Decadence"
Ever since junior year of high school (when I saw them in concert with the CUTEST boy in school) I have been a huge HA fan.  This week I have been listening to Decadence non-stop.  There's no way you can listen to this album without wanting to get up and dance!  I have some amazing memories attached to this album.  Listening to HA introduced me to the absolutely wonderful members of We Are the Fury , the nonstop dance party of Men, Women, and Children, and the antics of Yak Ballz.  If you don't own it, take a listen below...I promise you will not be disappointed!


  1. Love this post. I'm an avid wearer of leggings and have been planning on purchasing myself a pair of jeggings soon... (saw a cute pair at aldo a few weeks ago...) I AM ALWAYS SURE to cover my butt....

    Have also been planning on grabbing some rain boots this year... Should probably do it soon... Rainy weeks ahead!

    Oh, and, post-its? Love em.

  2. Seriously, if it was more socially acceptable I would just stop wearing pants and wear leggings exclusively. haha

  3. i think at this point, it is socially acceptable to wear leggings instead of pants (at least i wear them all the time...)

    thanks for the info on thesixtyone. i've never heard of the site but am an avid music lover.

  4. I'm glad you're liking thesixtyone. I'm on it all the time!