Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stuff I Like

Before I start my weekly list of the super awesome "Stuff I Like"...I'm having an impromptu poll.  Because guess what!? It's my blog and I can do whatever I want.  I have been tasked with choosing a creative cocktail for my family's Christmas party.  I want to make Dirty Girl Scouts but while the thin mint-esque flavor is very seasonally appropriate, I'm not sure how my grandma will react to being served a drink called a "Dirty Girl Scout".  Also, the ingredients are all alcohol so I might make my whole family pass out.  Anyone have any good holiday cocktails they can suggest?

But enough of my rambling about's this week's list!

1. Self Tanner
I don't know about the rest of you, but this blogger likes to have a healthy glow all year round.  Last year I was the VERY lucky winner of a year of free tanning at Hollywood Tans.  I cannot recommend that salon's clean, not horribly expensive, and the staff is always extremely friendly.  My location of choice was the Metro Center salon in DC.  But, now that I am a real live adult with bills, rent, and super fun student loans, there's no way I can afford to tan twice a week.  I've started fake baking, which I have always been extremely opposed to out of fear of turning orange.  However, I am OBSESSED with the Nivea Sun-Kissed Firming Moisturizer.  It smells amazing, makes my skin super soft, and adds a gradual color that doesn't look fake.  I've only been using it for 2 weeks but so far there's been no streaking or awkward yellow/orange coloring.

2. Holiday Oreos
It's that time of year again....the White Fudge Oreos are in stores!!!  I look forward to this all year.  Whoever decided to take a sweet chocolatey Oreo and dip it in even sweeter white chocolate fudge was an absolute genius.  They're so delicious they are out of control.  You should probably run out and buy several boxes before they're gone for the season...I know I'm going to!

3. Marc Anthony Strictly Curls
If you've looked around my blog a bit, you've probably noticed I have ridiculously curly hair.  It's usually pretty out of control and it used to spend a lot of time in a bun or pony tail.  Not anymore my friends.  I have found a miracle product.  Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Styling Foam.  The foam itself is much thicker and has more substance than the watery John Frieda Mousse.  It holds my curls in place and I don't have to worry about them frizzing up.  I do still coat my hair with a shield of John Frieda Hairspray but when my current bottle runs out I'm checking out the Strictly Curls spray gel.  Has anyone used any of the other Strictly Curls products and have you had good luck?

4. Remix Artist Collective

We all know I'm nuts about music and am always looking to check out new stuff.  Remix Artist Collective puts a great new spin on music you already love.  Kings of Leon should have written "Use Somebody" like this from the beginning.  They've also got some great Lady Gaga and Phoenix remixes as well.

5. Ugly Christmas Decorations
So about 4 years ago, I found these hideous reindeer at Borders.  I obviously had to buy one (except the one I bought was even more hideous since it was florescent blue and hot pink).  I decided to hide it amongst my mother's beautifully displayed Christmas decorations.  Surprisingly, instead of annoying her as planned she thought it was hilarious.  Hence, a new tradition was born.  My mother is know the proud owner of 3 hideous sparkly reindeer!  I haven't made the trek to Borders yet this year but rumor has it they have sparkly Christmas Flamingos!  Obviously this will make the perfect addition to the reindeer family.

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