Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Living the Dream...Sorry Couldn't Resist

Spent some time with my old co-workers at Springboard Enterprises last night/at the crack of dawn this morning. They were all in the always wonderful NYC for their Bootcamp, which launches the coaching portion of their venture capital forum. This season's forum focuses on women-led businesses in the Media Sector. It was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and meet some amazing women with some amazing ideas! But what struck me most was a conversation I had with my former boss, Amy. When I was telling her about how much I adore living here, she looked at me and said "of course you do, it's your dream". And it's 100% true. When people ask me why I moved to NYC I don't really have a good answer for them. Lots of times I give the standard "I wanted to live her while I'm young since once I settle down I won't have the chance" or "It's a good place to start your career". But the truth is I don't have the slightest idea why I decided to move here. I just had this overwhelming feeling that I HAD to live in NYC and that I wouldn't be happy anywhere else. I just went with it and it was literally the best decision I've ever made. So I guess Amy was right...I am living my dream (and not in the LI sense...don't even say it Ora!!!)

But enough with my ramblings and let's get to the fun part...the weekend recap!

I woke up at the crack of dawn and waited in line for approximately forever (aka 2.5 hours but it sure felt like forever) and scored an awesome pair of FREE jeans at Levi's Wear What Fits event. I donated a pair of jeans (that are pretty much hideous mom jeans that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public) and then was assigned a fitting time. During the fitting session someone from Levi's took my exact measurements and decided what fit I was...I'm a demi in case you're curious. I then got a personal shopper who brought me three different pairs of jeans, looked at them all after I tried them on, and then helped me pick the best ones. To end it we did a mini photo shoot in the new jeans (I was having an epically bad hair day so you, my dear readers, will NEVER EVER see these pictures). They let me take the jeans home afterwards and I rushed as fast as possible to work. I never made it to see Nick DJ on Friday. Did anyone go? I'd love to hear how it was! Instead I check out Mojave and enjoyed some roommate bonding time. If you ever go the passion fruit margaritas are to die for and the artichoke and mushroom quesadillas are divine.

Did lots of super fun cleaning around my apartment...and then went to bed early! Kidding my dears...I obviously went out. It was one of my favorite gdub girlie's bday so we went to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg (or WillyB as I prefer). Getting there was a crazy adventure. In the future I will avoid the G train at all costs. They should really warn you, the G stands for Ghetto. We literally had to walk all amongst these abandoned warehouses to get the Brooklyn Bowl. Not fun. In fact pretty terrifying. But anyways, once we got there it was super super fun! We didn't get to do any actual bowling since the wait was hours and hours long but there was great live music and even better company! Plus it's attached to the Brooklyn Brewery so the beer is phenomenal. When the bday girl headed back to NJ, I dragged Amanda to where else but my favorite place in the world...Water Taxi Beach. I was actually a little disappointed this time though. We tried out the one at the South Street Seaport and it was not as wild as the one in LIC. Where were the crazy fist pumpers? Where was the ridiculously bad yet so good house music? Not at the South Street Seaport my friends. But we obviously still had a great time...just not as great of a time as we would have had if we headed back to LIC.

I woke up at the CRACK OF DAWN, which seems to be a theme in my life this week, and ventured out to NJ for my company picnic. It was such a perfect day! It was great to get to know everyone a little better and spend some time outdoors. The lake the picnic was at was pretty cool. We did a little paddle boating (I won the race...not to brag or anything but I just thought you should all be aware haha), got some sun, and ate delicious food. And our CEO was generous enough to give us Monday off to rest afterwards. Such a great work environment with a great group of people.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. I hope it didn't disappoint. I'm going to try to squeeze in another blog before I head up to New England for the weekend. My dad's attempting to drown us all by taking us camping IN A HURRICANE. No your eyes are not playing tricks on you...we are really going camping IN A HURRICANE...did I mention we're going camping ON A BEACH. This will not end well for anyone involved. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

In a (DC) state of mind

For the first time in four years, I am not spending the day lugging boxes, suitcases, plastic bins, and sometimes if I procrastinated packing too long trash bags full of my possessions into the GW dorms. It is the strangest feeling. When I left GW I was ready to be an adult and start a new adventure. Yes, I cried like a baby after our last girls night out...we made quite the teary eyed scene down at the Georgetown waterfront nbd...but I knew it was time for new things. Life has been exciting since graduating but today has definitely been tough to get through. It's really sinking in that I'm not going to be starting classes again. I won't be spending anymore Sunday afternoon's with the TFGW girls and guys planning events and fundraisers. There's no more lazy afternoons sprawled on the couch with Meha for a Sex in the City or Gilmore Girls marathon. No more Sunday night dinners devouring Chinese food while sitting on Ora's floor. No more running upstairs to Jen, Lauren, Aria, and Steffi can talk me through my latest love life crisis. No more hitting up Adam's Morgan with Rachel every Saturday night. So in honor of the amazing family I left behind at GW who are now scattered all over the country, here's a list of all the shenanigans I miss the most.

1. Rhino Bar: Rachel's and my favorite haunt. The one place we would always hit up when we were in search of Red Sox fans or marines...or if we were extra lucky a marine who was a Red Sox fan! Many a poor choice happened at this place...including the night we some how ended up with a pair of guys downstairs and the two navy school boys we'd be hanging out with upstairs. No one knows how we successfully pulled this off...especially us hahaha The Situation and Pauly D would have been proud.
2. La Tasca Happy Hours: These were some of the best nights of Senior Year. We would sit for hours and hours just talking and enjoying each others' company. Occasionally it would be followed by impromptu shopping trips at Urban Outfitters hahaha
3. Manouch: He never judged when I stumbled over after a night at McFadden's. In fact, sometimes he would even let me cut the line. He never disappointed with his magical GW sauce and his words of wisdom. Since even though his hot dogs are delicious, the real reason to visit Manouch is for his wisdom.
4. McFadden's: This list would not be complete without a shout out to this GW staple. I think I spent just about every Thursday night Senior Year at McFadden's...yes I was that girl. I also won about 4 open bar happy hours so it was well worth it.
5. Gelman Starbucks: While I love my local Starbucks in NYC, there was something calming about walking out of the library and into the Gelman Starbucks. Everyone in there was overstressed, overtired, and overworked. It made you feel better about your procrastination habits.
6. The Fashion: I actually kinda miss all the girls wearing leggings as pants. Yes, I am guilty of doing this too (it's not my fault...GW brainwashed me) but the use of leggings as pants is not a huge inside joke in NYC like it was on campus.
7.Military Guys: If you're reading this you are probably familiar my ridiculous decision to date (or maybe hang out with is a better term?? since we all know my aversion to actually seriously dating anyone hahaha) guys in the military. I really don't know what inspired this but I freaking miss it. All we've got in NYC is guys from West Point (not my style...waaaaaay too full of themselves...and clingy ewww). Watch out when I'm back in DC in October :P
8. Theme Parties: Our Olympic Party, Political Scandals, and Britney Spears Get Better parties will go down in the record books. I still want to know who managed to get wine all over the ceiling at my Olympic Party. My money's on Drunk John or maybe Oklahoma...he was a sneaky one.
9. Pizza Club: There is nothing better than being served a jumbo slice while techno music plays and a disco ball flashes. Bonus points for dancing on the furniture which is always encouraged.

I could go on for days about all of our shenanigans but there are the highlights. Lots and lots of love to all my Gdub Girlies. <3333333

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beat That Beat Up

It's Thursday night so you know what that means...Get ready to fist pump your way through the newest episode of Jersey Shore! I know you can't wait to see how Sammi Sweetheart reacts to Jwoww's anonymous letter. Here's a little something to get you in the mood.

In other news, the weekend is almost upon us. After an extremely lazy weekend last week, I'm ready to go out. Here are a few events you can't miss.

Levi's is sponsoring an event in Bryant Park for their new Curve ID jeans. Bring an old clothing or household item to donate to Goodwill and they will give you a free pair of Curve ID denim! Only the first 1000 people will receive new jeans so get there early. The event begins at 10am and singer Janelle Monae performs around 1pm. Friday night head over to the Cove in Brooklyn for DJ sets by DJ Assualt and Nick Hook from Cubic Zirconia. The event's free with a RSVP. If you love Nick's DJ set as much as I know you will...he and the lovely guys and gal from CZ have a show coming up at Union Pool on September 2nd. I promise you will not be disappointed.

I'll be attending a birthday bash for one of my favorite girls but for those of you who are free, check out Rock the Bells on Governor's Island. I've seen Snoop before and he always puts on a great show! Oh and I know my Starbucks is hosting a free tasting of their new Galapagos coffee on Saturday morning. Free coffee is essential to my ability to function so I will not be missing this. Find a tasting near you!

While the rest of you are recovering from your crazy weekends I'll be venturing to the Dirty Jerz. However, if you feel well enough to venture out of bed...Kellari Parea Bistro offers a Sunday Lobster Feast and you cannot beat the pricing!

Enjoy your weekends lovelies! I'll be checking in once it's over :P

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

Today was an extremely rainy, cloudy, miserable day. However, I absolutely LOVED it! Why my friends? Because it was rain boots weather. I love rain boots weather since it 1) justifies the ridiculous amount of money I spent on a stupid (yet adorable) pair of rain boots and 2) I can splash around in puddles without soaking myself...which is the real point of owning rain boots in the first place.

So as some of you may be aware, I managed to score 2 tickets to Vogue's Fashion Show during Fashion Night Out on September 7th. I'm taking the lovely Angie Bear with me and am dying of excitement. Only I am facing a huge dilemma...I have nothing to wear to a fashion show. I live in sundresses or jeans and J-Crew t-shirts and occasionally a romper or leggings, sometimes even a mini dress if I'm going dancing. However, none of these things are something you can wear to a Vogue Fashion show. While I like to pretend I'm fabulous and stylish...the truth is readers, I am not anywhere near stylish enough for a fashion show. I have currently narrowed it down to a very very short black jumper with a pair of black booties with heels (please contain your gasps...I know me in a pair of heels is shocking) or this little BCBG number I bought today.

Thoughts?? Seriously, input is highly encouraged.

If not I also made another purchase today. How do you think the fashion show crowd would react if I showed up in this:

BTW this is from Victoria's Secret Pink's new NFL line. They've got some absolutely adorable gear. For the most part it's affordable and it's finally some NFL gear a girl can actually look cute in while wearing!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

Sorry for the lack of excitement this weekend my dear readers, but I treated myself to an extremely lazy weekend full of lots of wine and HBO. I did however make an epic journey to the Queens Mall to hit up Target...and I didn't even get lost. I bought some very exciting things like place mats and workout clothes hahaha

Besides filling my head with mindless trash like the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" marathon (BTW the new episode was FANTASTIC. I love Bruce Jenner. He is too adorable when he tries to give advice to the girls), I finished reading Eat, Pray, Love. What an amazing book! I love how brave Elizabeth Gilbert was to leave everything familiar behind, travel the world, and truly take the time to understand what makes her happy. It made me think a lot of conversations we had in one of my courses this past year about the search for personal truth and what factors contribute to an individual's truth. While traveling the world may be a little over the top, I think shaking things up is the key to truly learning who you are. Escaping from everything familiar forces you to think about what and who you want in your life as you construct a new context for yourself. That's what I did by moving to the big city and I've never ever been happier. This is my favorite quote from the book. It made me think about how my family feels about the Red Sox haha

"'We can change our wives,' he said. 'We can change our jobs, our nationalities and even our religions, but we can never change our team'".

Tomorrow kicks off the start of a very very very busy week/weekend. I'll be trying out some new bars/restaurants...starting out with The Mason Jar tomorrow, celebrating a fabulous girl's 24th, and reuniting with some kids from New England. Should make for some interesting posts. Stay tuned lovelies.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm in love....with this song

Last night I was lucky enough to attend Paper Magazine's Sounds Like Paper show featuring Spank, Rye Rye, and my girl Ke$ha. The show was at the Roseland Ballroom which I will always hold near and dear. It is an amazing venue to see a show and the vibe is great. It was kinda weird seeing a Ke$ha show there though since I always always always associate it with the Silverchair/We Are the Fury tour in 2007. It was the first stop on our crazy 3 city road trip to support the WATF boys. To give you a little taste of the differences between last night's experience and the summer 07 adventure:

After the Silverchair/WATF show with my girl Amy and a bunch of the Cardboard City guys as we waited for Chris to stop throwing vitamin B tablets at us (to "cure our hangovers") and come hang.

Me and Melissa trying on Ray Bans at Ke$ha

So definitely two very different vibes but two very fun and eventful nights! The opening acts for Ke$ha were pretty good. Spank's DJ set was incredible. Really made me want to dance and was a great way to start off the night. Next Rye Rye performed. She was alright. I was really into her first couple of songs but as the set went on all of her songs sounded too similar. But I definitely think she has great potential as she continues to make new music.

Ke$ha herself was great! She puts on an awesome live show...very theatrical with lots of glitter, lights, dancers, and props. Her outfit was fierce! Red sparkle booty shorts? Amazing! She sang all my favorites...including "Stephen" and "Dinosaur" which I wasn't sure if she would play. All in all it was a high energy and very entertaining set. I really love Ke$ha. I know a lot of people knock her for being too wild or trashy but I think she's great. She's a girl in her 20s, having a great time, and loving life. What's wrong with that?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend Recap..Kinda?

Since it's already Wednesday (probably Thursday by the time I finish writing/posting this) I don't know if this really counts as the weekend recap. It's been an absolutely crazy week so far. I didn't get back into the city until Monday night and now I'm playing catch up with errands/the office/my work out routine. BTW in case anyone's interested I think I dislocated both my hips during Tuesday night yoga. Knees should NEVER end up on top of your shoulders...just saying.

Since I wasn't in the city having my typical action packed, nonstop excitement filled weekend I'll skip the day by day breakdown and leave you with these thoughts.

The weekend in Vermont was perfect! It was just what I needed to de-stress, unwind, and get away. I have not had any sort of break since graduating college this May and I think I still needed to relax from the thesis writing, exam studying, binge drinking last push that is the final weeks of college. What better way to do that than in the woods of Vermont...with 34 loud and boisterous relatives? It was great just to spend time visiting and laughing, be around trees (to my fellow NYCers: try not to be too shocked by the idea of an entire forest), and of course eat delicious food since my cooking skills are still a work in progress. Some highlights of the weekend include: watching the meteor shower, climbing deer leap, Pirate Pete's demise and resurrection, and the amazing bonfire. The whole weekend is always so special. It's a wonderful tradition that my family shares.

It was kind of strange being back in New England. I really haven't spent any significant time there since Christmas break. So here is a list dedicated to where I grew up.

Things I Miss About New England
-Honey Dew Donuts: Everyone knows I am a Starbucks Junkie, but there is no where in the world where you can get an iced coffee as good as the Mocha Madness from Honey Dew. I challenge you to prove me wrong.
-Open Space: I love seeing all the green be it from trees, lawns, or gardens. You just don't get that in New York.
-The Sports Fans: As I have pointed out in previous posts, I love sports. Mostly the Patriots but I enjoy sports in general...especially my New England teams. On Spring Break in Texas, I was that girl hugging anyone I saw in a Red Sox hat. During playoff season, I always ask guys I meet at bars who they are rooting for BEFORE I let them buy me a drink. And trust me as a former struggling college student/current young professional, I NEVER turn down free drinks so you know I mean serious business when I start putting criteria on it.
-Driving: I forgot how much fun it is to drive. You could not pay me to drive a car in NYC traffic but it's nice to go home and hit up the back roads.

However, while I miss things about New England I have no intention of moving back there any time soon. There's just too much fun to be had in the city. I'll happily drink my Starbucks and get my greenery fix by hitting up Central Park.

So that does it for now. I still owe you all a list of weekend activities. However, you'll have to anxiously await that posting until Friday. Tomorrow night I'm rocking out with my girl Ke$ha at the Roseland Ballroom. It should be an amazing show!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A weekend in the woods

I'm writing this from my couch in Massachusetts. It's my first trip home since I've officially moved out. I'm now sleeping in the guest room?? So weird but not as strange as I thought it'd be.

In about half an hour I'll be venturing into the woods of Vermont for the weekend. But no need to worry...I brought PLENTY of Starbucks Via with me to fight the caffeine withdrawals. I'm looking forward to spending a wonderful weekend with most of my extended family. I'll let you know the highlights when I get back.

For those of you staying in the city, here are a few ideas for what to do.

Tonight the boys from Pretty and Nice are playing at the Mercury Lounge. Their based out of Boston, play amazing music, and they are all most definitely "pretty and nice".

On Saturday Derek James is performing at Rockwood Music Hall. Check it out if you're in the mood for some bluesy rock.

On Monday the Giants and the Jets are facing off in an epic pre-season showdown. Find a good bar with good food and root for the Giants!

But I'm getting yelled at since it's time to head up North. Hold down the fort for me in NYC!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Recap

It's that time of the week again...my weekend recap! However, before I jump into my weekend activities I must share some extremely exciting news with you my dear readers. I AM GOING TO THE JETS/PATRIOTS GAME IN SEPTEMBER! There are few things I love more than the Patriots. In fact, I even like them more than the Red Sox (don't tell my mom/uncles/grandparents. They might disown me). My favorite Long Islander and I will be doing massive amounts of tailgating and cheering and ruckus causing. And hopefully we will still be on speaking terms at the end of the afternoon.

So now on to my weekend. I know I recommended lots of exciting things last week, however this weekend was one of those amazingly spontaneous ones where you don't do anything you had planned but have a great time! Here's what went down.

I broke my "OMG I'm going to Miami in a month" diet and tried out the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park with a bunch of my coworkers. The food was delicious and well worth the hour long wait! You should definitely try out the cheese fries. They also have fair trade coffee milk shakes. Amazing since not only are they yummy but the coffee beans aren't picked by slave labor so you can feel good about yourself as you drink it. Then I met up with Ora and JenBunny who was visiting us from DC! Sooooo good to all be together again. We met for an early dinner at Mario Batali's resturant Otto for some delicious salads and pizza and obviously drinks. Bonus: a certain singer (or if it's not him...his identical twin) is currently waiting tables there. I obviously spent the majority of dinner simultaneously making goo goo eyes at him and giving him dirty looks for insisting the girls and I drive to NYC last summer only to cancel the show at the last minute. That night I hit up the bars with Angie Bear. The scene was kinda dead but we did wandering into a decent pizza place and it's always good to see her!

Saturday was the most perfect beach day! Ora, JenBunny, and I ventured to Long Island and hit up the beach. I LOVE Long Island. I intend to live there some day in a house right near the beach and NYC. Does it get any better? However, everyone I know tends to make fun of my attachment to Long Island...mostly of my attachment to guys from Long Island. As JenBunny said it best "I'm imagining your future guido/bro husband as a father some day. HILARIOUS". I personally think this is a step up from the previous winners I've brought around...Glenn anyone?? Or how about "I FAILED" guy?? Really some true gems that I involved myself with over the past year hahaha. Afterwards we stopped by the Sweet Hollow Diner for an always delicious meal! Ora's dad even gave us the chocolate cake instead of us having to sneak behind the counter and steal it like usual. And I got to take home a lovely bag of muffins. That night we went to what might be one of the greatest places ever created Water Taxi Beach. Where else
can you dance on the beach to ridiculous house music with phenomenally awkward people until 4am...all while looking to the NYC sky line? Needless to say, Ora and I will be going back.

Hit up Cafeteria in Chelsea for brunch. They have some really interesting and delicious things on the menu. The passion fruit mimosas and mac n cheese spring rolls are worth checking out. Then I did some damage at the new Forever 21 in Times Square. It's a dangerous place to go. They change over their stock so often and have so much merchandise I always end up spending waaaaay more than I mean to. But I always get some cute stuff.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. Did anyone get a chance to check out Cut Copy? I heard they rocked it! Look out for another blog later this week.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Half way through the week!

We've officially made it half way through the week! I've had good intentions of sharing all these awesome upcoming events with you all week but I'm just getting around to it now. There's been some important yoga classes to attend (it's a miracle I was able to move this morning, let alone get out of bed) and the impending arrival of my love JenBunny to prepare for. But better late than never right? And for those of us not lucky enough to be road tripping to Lollapalooza right now (coughMISSYcough), I promise there's some excellent concerts coming up.

Here are my picks for the week.

Cosmo and Avon are teaming up to bring you the Frizz Free Revolution Tour. It's your chance to try out Avon's new Frizz Control Lotus Shield. Stylists will be on hand to give free blowouts using the new product (if you're lucky enough to snag an appointment). Avon claims this new product will tame all types of hair. I have some of the thickest, curliest, unruliest hair that has ever existed so I'm looking forward to grabbing a free sample and testing it out for myself. Of course I will be reporting back to all of you. Stop by their booth on 5th Avenue (between 58th & 59th) from 11am-2pm or check them out in Union Square (where yours truly will be lurking) from 4pm-9pm. Afterwards you best all be rushing home to mix up some Ron Ron juice, fist pump, and enjoy episode two of Jersey Shore. I'm thinking Jwoww's and Angelina are going to brawl this week.

Keane are performing at the Williamsburg Waterfront. I'll admit I'm not the biggest Keane fan but I know a lot of people who love them. Plus you can't beat the Williamsburg Waterfront as a venue. There's nothing like live music outdoors with the New York skyline directly behind you.

For those of us who aren't feeling Keane or prefer something of the FREE variety check out the Brooklyn Pool Party. You get to experience the Williamsburg Waterfront and only have to pay your subway fare to get there! Plus, one of my personal favorite bands Cut Copy is headlining. I promise their set will be a dance party of epic proportions. It's also the perfect chance to work on your tan before the summer permanently disappears on us.

Are you an expat living in NYC? Check out this Internations event at Pranna. It's your chance to network with other expats in the NYC area and enjoy some great food and drink specials. While I myself am not an expat, a few of my colleagues participate in Internations' events and always meet a lot of interesting people. The event is in conjunction with Kiva, an organization focused on providing micro-financing loans.

Tonight will involve two of my favorite things: Webster Hall and rapper Dirt Nasty. Many of you may remember Dirt Nasty from his days as MTV VJ Simon Rex or as Jeff on the classic Amanda Bynes sitcom "What I Like About You". But what you should truly know him for are his poetic rap lyrics: "My dick size of a pumpkin, Your dick look like Macaulay Culkin". Did I mention this is also his CD release party? There's no way I'm missing this.

So these are my picks for things to do in the city. I intend to check out some more bars...maybe even get crazy and try out one on a rooftop this weekend. Stay tuned for the weekend recap on Sunday. And seriously...come see Dirt Nasty.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend was especially good since it included three of my favorite things: live music, best friends, and Eastern Europeans. Here's how things went down.

Since living in New York is crazy expensive, it is EXTREMELY important to know when and where to go for good happy hours. My wonderful roommate introduced me to this great place called Rapture Lounge on Friday night. They have two for one drinks and their cocktails are delicious. I highly recommend trying The Jealous Bitch and the Anti-Axident. After happy hour we wandered over the the beer garden where we happened upon a table of Slovaks. As many of you know I was in Bratislava last summer and am a HUGE nerd. So I obviously wanted to discuss their thoughts on Hungarian Minority politics and Laszlo Nagy's new party, MOS-HID. They wanted to talk about hockey. But apparently they liked me anyway since they have texted me approximately 8 times since asking when we'll come hang out again. Maybe this time we can talk about Nagy for real hahaha

My Boston girlies came into town for Dan's last show with Liam and Me. The show was at Fontana's, another place I recommend checking out. They have happy hour every day, play amazing music, and it has a very chill and laid back vibe. The Liam and Me boys rocked it as always and the whole place turned into a giant dance party. McKenzie gave a great speech as part of Dan's send off and it definitely won't be quite the same without him. I'm very interested to see what happens next. Hopefully they keep making more amazing music!

I've been having an extremely lazy day, except I did run 4 miles this morning...that's got to count for something, right? Now I'm looking forward to my trashy tv fix in the form of True Blood and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. What are your tv guilty pleasures?

New York, New York

I've been promising everyone a blog about my adventures (and misadventures) in NYC for months now. I finally got my act together and here's "OMG I moved to NYC". You can read about my encounters with and thoughts about bars, boys, bouncers, bands, beauty products, books...I like alliterations ok? And whatever other random thoughts occur to me. I can't promise it will top my DC shenanigans, but I promise it will be entertaining.

So stay tuned for more updates and look for a weekend re-cap later tonight!