Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stuff I Like

It's Wednesday and you know what that means...time for the latest edition of "Stuff I Like"! This week's list is partially inspired by the miserable rainy weather we've been having.

1. Rain Boots
Every man, woman, and child needs a good pair of rain boots.  I don't care how old you're lying if you don't think there's something strangely satisfying about stomping in a puddle.  Plus, how can you not love something that's both super cute and practical?  They are especially good for you city do NOT want dirty city street water all up in your shoes.  I splurged on this gorgeous pair of Burberry boots but there are plenty of affordable options as well.

2. Jeggings
I hate wearing pants when it's raining.  No matter how much rain gear you have on, they still end up being a disgusting soggy mess by the time you arrive at your destination.  Jeggings are the PERFECT solution.  They look like real pants but since they're like tights they dry super fast.  Since jeggings are not always office appropriate regular old leggings do the trick as well.  For both jeggings and leggings I'm a huge fan of Hue...they even make sparkle leggings.  However always make sure to NEVER EVER EVER wear jeggings or leggings as a substitute for pants.  Stay classy and make sure your top covers your butt.

3. thesixtyone
 As you all know, I absolutely LOVE music.  I'm always looking for new bands to check out and this is the perfect site to do it at. is similar to Pandora except it much more interactive.  You can explore different genres, listen to a song as many times as you want, and there's no monthly limit.  Plus, I'm ridiculously competitive and it's set up like a game.  You earn points by discovering new bands and "liking" music that becomes popular.  I recently discovered AWOLNATION through the site and their stuff is incredible.

4.  Post-Its
Being an employed adult has made me ridiculously dependent on Post-It notes.  In fact, throughout the course of the week, I've been scribbling down my "Stuff I Like" list on Post-Its (no judging).  But in all seriousness there's no way I could make it through work without Post-Its.  We deal with so much paperwork if I don't stick notes on the applications about their status I would get completely lost.  The fact that they were mentioned in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion...aka one of the greatest films of all time...also earns Post-Its some serious bonus points.

5. Head Automatica's "Decadence"
Ever since junior year of high school (when I saw them in concert with the CUTEST boy in school) I have been a huge HA fan.  This week I have been listening to Decadence non-stop.  There's no way you can listen to this album without wanting to get up and dance!  I have some amazing memories attached to this album.  Listening to HA introduced me to the absolutely wonderful members of We Are the Fury , the nonstop dance party of Men, Women, and Children, and the antics of Yak Ballz.  If you don't own it, take a listen below...I promise you will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dancing Merengue Dog

One of my coworkers shared this with me today. It's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Twenty Something: The Quarter-Life Crisis of Jack Lancaster

If you are a twenty something, "Twenty Something: The Quarter-Life Crisis of Jack Lancaster" by Iain Hollingshead is a MUST read. The novel is the diary of Jack Lancaster, a 25 year old banker from London. Jack hates his job, his girlfriend, his living situation, and pretty much everything about his life. So he decides to shake things up by trying everything possible to get fired, drinking far too much, and taking off on a trip around the world. The dry, British humor had me laughing the whole time. The book is so good I literally finished it in two days. I COULD NOT put it down.

There's something about this book that draws you in. Maybe it's because all twenty somethings can relate to grappling with issues about love, money, your career, roommates, and how weird it is to be an adult. Or maybe it's because of a wonderful little thing called schadenfreude (click here for an awesome song on the topic) and you feel better since you have your shit much more together than this kid. But either way you look at it, I promise you will relate to it! I definitely recommend checking it out.

Speaking of songs...I've had this one stuck in my head allllllll day. Anyone remember/love it as much as I do?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Costume Panic!

I'm going to start this entry like the past couple...with a mouse hunt update! We caught ANOTHER freaking mouse today. Honestly I'm starting to feel like my life is an episode of Deadliest Catch or something. Except instead of catching crabs in giant steel cages, I'm catching mice in little tiny plastic maybe it's actually nothing like Deadliest Catch. But humor me and let me pretend haha I spent a good fifteen minutes on Friday alternating between cowering in my room and chasing the mouse around my apartment with a broom. Take a moment to picture how ridiculous that must have looked.

So what about my weekend you ask? It was pretty much perfect! Friday night was my lovely roommate's birthday so we hit up Pranna. The downstairs Cellar Bar was closed, which was a little disappointing but, we still had an AMAZING time. It was great to meet all her friends and I had some really great conversations. Plus, the DJ was great and we did a ton of dancing. I spent all day Saturday being unable to move from the couch and watching a Lifetime movie marathon. I LOVE trashy/horrible/yet unbelievably good Lifetime movies. If you haven't seen Maternal Obsession yet, you NEED to. Today I ran some errands and literally spent the entire day watching football. Still bummed they weren't showing the Pats game in NYC, but the Giants game was pretty good, the Eagles game sucked, and now I'm glued to this Jets/Dolphins game.

However, part of my weekend was spent in complete and utter crisis. I don't have any idea what I'm going to be for Halloween yet! At college, I would have ordered and probably received my costume by now...hey you've got to get dibs on the good costumes before any of your friends pick them. haha When it comes to Halloween costumes I firmly believe in these words of wisdom for Mean Girls "Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." So here's a look at Halloween costumes past...hopefully it will inspire me.

Freshman Year

This Halloween we were still new to the idea of college Halloween parties and we decided to make our own costumes. Four of us got dressed up like the Fanta Girls and roamed the streets. This posed two huge problems that we didn't consider before hand. 1) No one knew what we were supposed to be and 2) If we got separated from each other we looked ridiculous. This resulted in returning to our dorm rooms and making up costumes before we venture back out. I threw on a Corey Dillon jersey and turned some mascara into eye black and had an instant football player costume.

Sophomore Year

Next, I had this fabulous "Mile High Captain" costume. I really liked this one! I felt adorable and met a super cute boy from Navy School. Unfortunately, I made the GIGANTIC mistake of lending my hat to Jake and I never saw it again.

Junior Year

This costume was so so. It was a little shorter than I anticipated so I had to wear some ridiculous red shorts under it. The whole night was pretty ridiculous actually. Raise your hand if you made out with a freshman? Ooooops.

Senior Year

Hands down my favorite costume and Halloween celebration ever! I wore the prisoner costume and one of my favorite ladies dressed up like a cop (and kept hitting me with her baton all night...I'll let it slide though haha). We went on the Nightmare on M Street Bar Crawl. If you're in DC and you don't go this year, we're officially not friends anymore.

So that concludes the journey through my Halloween costumes of the past. My two ideas so far are wearing the reversible side of the prisoner costume and being a prison guard or being Ke$ha. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear everyone's thoughts.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stuff I Like

I'm on a blogging roll this week! Since this is my blog and I can do whatever I want...I'm adding a new section. Yay yay yay! I'm calling it "Stuff I Like" and *drum roll please* it will feature....stuff I like! The name may change if I'm feeling more creative next time haha. I'll start off the first installment with a list of a few of my current obsessions.

1. Discounted Designer Clothes
As a recent college grad who works at a non-profit and who has VERY expensive taste, discounted designer clothes are pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen in my life. I've bought some killer pieces from Rue La La and HauteLook. I recently discovered Gilt and I'm sure I'll find some great stuff there too. Today I treated myself to a GORGEOUS Michael Kors Cabled Sweater Coat. I can't wait until it gets here!

2. Sugar Scrubs
I don't know why I love these so much. I blame it on my love for all things girlie and my sweet tooth ganging up on me. My two favorite products right now are both from Lush. Their Sugar Babe Shower Scrub makes my skin super soft! Just make sure to break off small pieces to take in the shower with you. It disintegrates fast once it gets wet. If I break it apart I can usually get 3-4 uses out of it. My other favorite product is the Mint Julip Lip Scrub . It's a great way to prime before putting on lipstick or gloss. It keeps those awful chapped and flaky lips away! Plus, since it's made out of sugar you can lick it off afterwards. Mmmmmmmmm.

3. Cubic Zirconia's "Hoes Come Out At Night"
They never disappoint when they release new music and "Hoes Come Out At Night" is no exception. How can you not want to get up and dance when you hear this!? And lucky for you they're playing a show tomorrow (Friday) night. You can dance to it live and trust me...their live shows are a crazy time. Click here for all the fabulous details.

4. Premiere Week
So many good shows are premiering this week! It's been hard to choose which ones to watch. So far I've been sucked into watching The Situation rock it on Dancing with the Stars, been glued to Criminal Minds, and caught the tail end of Law and Order: SVU. Tomorrow I'm pumped for 30 Rock! What season premieres has everyone been watching and what have you thought so far?

5. Ice Cream
Is there anything better than ice cream? I don't think so. It's especially good while eaten in bed (which I may or may not be doing right judging) or for breakfast. My current obsession is Ben and Jerry's Milk and Cookies ice cream. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies and chocolate chip cookies mixed in. If you haven't tried it yet, stop reading this immediately and go out and buy some!

So there you have it...the first installment of "Stuff I Like". We'll see what other things I find to like next week hahaha

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck!

So here it is...the entry you've all been waiting for. What I did with my weekend!

Sorry to disappoint but it was a pretty tame weekend. I was still recovering from our big Miami weekend so Friday and Saturday just involved wine and improving my cooking skills. I can now officially make a baked potato without having to call my mom for instructions! I know you're all very impressed. haha

But on Sunday I went big. Ora and I ventured to the Meadowlands for the Jets/Patriots game!!! As you know from reading my blog, I am obsessed with football and the Patriots. Ora feels the same way about the Jets. Needless to say this was one of the greatest days in our lives. We did some serious tailgating in the parking lot beforehand with homemade salsa, wings, sandwiches from the Diner, and of course lots of beer. I rocked the Welker jersey and kept getting booed everywhere I went but whatevs. haha The Patriots lost and Tom Brady played like an idiot, but Wes looked damn good and it was still a super fun day!

However, I did learn a very important lesson while at the game. Sporting events are officially my new favorite place to meet guys. Guys go to sporting events to hang out, drink beer, and watch the game. It's nothing like the bar and club scene where people go out with the goal of hooking up. We met a lot of genuinely nice guys who were seriously impressed that two girls were at the game by themselves. And remember ladies, it won't work if you don't understand the sport, so pick one you know and like! Personally, I will be hitting up some college football games (West Point anyone??) and quite a few Knicks games in the near future. Wish me luck!

This weekend should be a fun one since it's my lovely roommate's bday! I promise an excellent update on Sunday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Talking to Girls About Duran Duran

First...mouse hunt update! We've caught TWO Mickey Mouse friends so far. And these are not little mice either, they're giant, ugly, gray mice. Hopefully we got the last one this morning, stay tuned readers to find out how the saga of the mice ends.

In other news, I had a fabulous weekend...which you can read about in tomorrow's post. I've been reading like a crazy person lately and am waaaaay behind in my book reviews. So tonight is dedicated to my latest read Talking to Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield.

In his book Sheffield discusses what it was like to grow up during the new wave era, the songs that shaped his teenage years, and the insight it provided him on girls. When I first heard about this book I was dying to get my hands on it. One of my favorite books of all time is I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie by Pamela Des Barres so Sheffield's book was right up my alley. However, I was a little disappointed by the first few chapters. It felt like a lot of name dropping. Yes, I'm glad that you know who The Cribs are and went to one of their shows recently, but what does that have to do with the book? Nothing. I felt like the emotion doesn't translate as well during the first half of the book either. During the first few chapters, someone is describing their emotions. Towards the end, I was experiencing every one of Sheffield's emotions with him.

But after I made it through the first half and got the the chapter on Prince's "Purple Rain", I couldn't put the book down. The chapter describes Sheffield's time as an ice cream truck driver the summer after he graduates high school. The book continues with a series of personal and relate-able experiences. His discussion about how ingrained John Hughes movies have become in teen culture is very well done. The chapter on Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" is hilarious. It deals entirely with the Cassingle craze. Seriously who does not love Tone Loc's "Wild Thing", Young MC's "Bust a Move", Blackstreet's "No Diggity", and last but certainly not least Biz Markie's "Just a Friend". Absolute classics. Everyone can relate to the way music influences every aspect of your life in high school and how certain songs will always bring back strong memories of the events associated with them. I really recommend reading this book. Sheffield is a great writer and once you get past the slow beginning the book is amazing! Plus, it's set in Massachusetts. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"The Sno-Cone on the sidewalk is the end of innocence, the first lesson that the world is out to nail them, and you do not want to be there when this happens"

"'No worries' is the best thing to happen to sullen teenagers since I was one-even better than vampire sexting, GTL or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2"

"Ziggy Stardust's loincloth? Too Pampers. The Pierrot costume as beachwear? As Tim Gunn might say, that's a lot of look, David. We need you to go upstairs and clean out your space, okaaay?"

"Monogamous musicians are like vegan hockey players"

So as you can see Sheffield writes some pretty good stuff. Check out the book and you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm in Miami Bitch!

This week I am experiencing an even more traumatic life crisis...THERE IS A MOUSE LIVING IN MY KITCHEN. That's right, a scary scary little mouse. I heard it in the kitchen the other night and put on long pants and sneakers, mumbled "be brave, be brave" under my breath, and attempted to check the trap with a pair of pliers (please take a moment to appreciate how ridiculous I must have looked hahaha). Unfortunately it is a very very smart and tricky mouse and would not get caught in the trap!! So tonight we gave in and called reinforcements...aka our next door neighbor. He filled in the hole behind our stove and helped us with *new and improved* traps. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow. Hopefully it's dead. And then I'll be sad all day for killing a creature. haha

So in more exciting and interesting news I just got back from a girls' weekend in Miami! We stayed at the Shore Club which is right on the beach. Our room had a gorgeous balcony that you could see the ocean from. It was the perfect weekend getaway and here's how it went down.

Very very very stressful airport adventure. First of all, I took the M-60 bus to the airport...can you say sketchy!? They kept playing an announcement that said "It is a felony to assault your bus driver". But I managed to escape all of the assailants on the bus and arrived at the airport. My flight was delayed half an hour meaning I had to SPRINT through the Philadelphia airport to make my connection. But I arrived in Miami in one piece and half an hour early! I was lucky enough to have Ashley pick me up at the airport. It was wonderful to see her and catch up about our lives! She joined us for dinner at Nobu. Far too many sake bombs were consumed and we ate the most delicious sushi I have ever had in my life. After dinner we decided to try out the club and bar scene. Our first stop was the Delano where we checked out the Florida Room and Rose Bar. The Florida Room looked nice but it was still a little too early for it to be busy so we mostly hung out at the Rose Bar. I was a big fan of the decor and it was a good place to sit and plan out our night. Our next stop was Mynt. It wasn't really our scene so we didn't stay there terribly long. Things picked up a lot when we made our way to Liv. Hands down, the best night club I've ever been to. It was HUGE...all you could see was swarms of people dancing and everything is decorated in white. Right after we arrived, JAMIE FOXX came out and did a DJ set. The music he chose was perfect for dancing and towards the end of his performance streamers dropped everywhere in the club. Such a memorable night!

Holy headache! I seriously thought I was going to fact I'm still surprised I didn't! I somehow dragged myself out of bed and moseyed down to the pool. We laid out or lounged in the pool all day, with our friendly waiter Cody (whose full name is took all my willpower not to tease him about having the same name as Dakota Fanning hahaha) who brought us an endless supply of "special" cocktails. After our pool day (and some desperately needed naps) we ate dinner at Prime Time. We had more delicious sea food and got in some great people watching. My personal favorite was the crazy guy in a cowboy hat and super thin mustache that thanked us for being the most beautiful table at the restaurant and then told us to "keep on working it!" We tried out the Red Room at the Shore Club that night. Soooo much fun. We convinced them to let us in the back door since we obviously were not going to wait in line and then danced our butts off all night. All the DJs, both at the clubs and for the daytime pool parties, at the Shore Club were amazing. They knew just what to play to get everyone dancing. Once things started to wind down at the club we hung out in the outdoor lounge area and stumbled upon a bachelor party. Around 4am I decided I wanted to jump in the ocean...for some reason everyone agreed and we trekked down to the beach. I may have jumped in the ocean while wearing my pretty dress (which I just washed and hung to dry...keep your fingers crossed that it's not ruined!!!). But it was so much fun!!! We saw shooting stars, had a chicken fight (I won *woot woot*) and somehow managed to not get eaten by sharks. I collapsed into bed around 6. Nbd.

We rallied big time and got up, ready, and packed in time for our 12pm check was a miracle! Ate lunch at Jerry's Famous Deli. Don't ever go there...the food was terrible but at least our waiter was nice. Then we filled our afternoon with ridiculous touristy things like visiting Lecca Lecca aka the gelato shop from the Jersey Shore! We got to meet Enzo their boss from the show. He was super nice and told us all about working with the cast. He even took a picture with us (which is obviously on my facebook page if you're curious). After that we hit up the Shore Club's Sundaze party and worked on our tans a little more. Then it was off to Dash. Unfortunately we didn't see any Kardashians but I did buy an absolutely amazing dress...that I couldn't really afford but oh well. You only live once! We wrapped up our Miami trip with an impromptu dance party at the Brookstone in the airport to this song:

As you can tell it was an amazing trip. Now it's back to reality. I'll try to post again tomorrow or Friday with some neat events going on this weekend. If nothing else you should check out Pizza Cone to satisfy your late night, drunk munchies. I tried it last night and it was the most delicious thing I've ever had. Highly highly recommend it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Put It All On Me

So my loves, I know it's been over a week since I've posted about my life. I hope you weren't too anxious while you were waiting. So what's new in my life? Well I had two very tragic occurrences this week. The first was my Sbux guy now works the night shift!!!! Now who will share TMI about their personal life and occasionally give me free coffee!? And secondly, the TV would not work during Jersey Shore last night. You should have seen me and Ora trying to fix it. I'm sure it was hilarious. We got both our dads on the phone and neither one could help us! Even Chad couldn't figure it out when we texted him...and trust me he is a satellite expert. Eventually I twisted around some wires in the back of the tv and it started working! I am clearly a technological expert!

In other news....Angie Bear and I attended Vogue's Fashion Night Out: The Show on Tuesday. It was my first experience at a fashion show and I loved it! The editors from Vogue handpicked 171 looks that were worn by 150 models. The whole show only lasted about 20 minutes but it was completely worth it. It started out with an overture of NYC themed songs and then the featured models (including Gisele, Coco Rocha, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Naomi Campbell) arrived on a double decker bus. As they pulled up, all the other models walked out to the front of the plaza. Right as they began walking Pharell came out and did a live performance! The whole runway was spiral shaped so you were never more than one row away from the models. I was extremely impressed by the Jazz-Age Cool collection and the Go Global collection. Other themes included Pure at Heart, Weekend Wrap Up, Rock Chic, Fifties Flair, and Tartan Twist. The hair for the 50s collection was really interesting and well done. I especially appreciated that the Vogue editors picked what they liked and not only huge names. Sure they had the Jimmy Choos, the Oscar de la Renta gowns, and the John Galliano (one of my personal favorite designers) leggings but they also had the H&M coat, the Payless shoes, and the Banana Republic sweater.

Of course, no fashion show would be complete without CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS!! We had the chance to see Blake Lively, Michael Kors, Anne Wintour, and the one and only Roger Federer (although I wanted to trip him...vamos Nadal!!!!). Apparently my two girl crushes Ashley Tisdale and Leighton Meester (no judging they're both fierce!) were also at the show. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to see either one of them.

So now I am off to the airport to head to MIAMI for the weekend to celebrate my wonderful roommate's birthday! You can bet I will be making a stop at Dash while I'm there. Too bad the Kardashians are all in NYC for fashion week. Oh well it will still be awesome.

For all of you lovelies staying in the city...enjoy fashion week! I want to hear all about Fashion Night Out when I get back!

Keep it up home girl don't you quit you know when you scream it's the ultimate...

Rich Cronin from LFO passed away yesterday. I was the ultimate 90s boy band fan and this is a sad day. They had some great songs...come on, I know you can remember rocking out to Summer Girls and Girl on TV. So in memory of Rich and all the memories that accompany listening to his music I give you this classic LFO hit. It was part of their comeback and it is wonderful.