Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hey there lovely readers.  I hope you all had an amazing time at last night's Halloween parties...I know I sure did!  I'm off to Long Island for the day for some candy eating/cupcake making/trick or treating/football watching fun but I promise a recap of my weekend is coming up on Monday...including a review of my latest Tribeca discovery.  For now let me leave you with a little Halloween treat.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuff I Like

Keeping up with tradition...I kept a post it note handy at my desk to jot down things I'm loving this week.  I must have been in a really good mood this week because my list ended up being a lot longer than 5 items!  It wasn't easy but I narrowed it down to my top 5 things and you'll just have to wait until next week to find out the rest.

1. The New York Governor's Race
There are few things more absurd than this year's governor's race.  Besides the usual suspects we've got the former Madam Kristin Davis and the completely insane Jimmy McMillan from the Rent is 2 Damn High Party.  This character has even recorded some hit songs about just how expensive rent is in NYC.  I can't get enough of this guy.  After SNL spoofed his campaign over the weekend, McMillan declared all the publicity had just won him the election.  Got to love the self-confidence.  Check out some of his best lines:

2. Philosophy Pink Frosted Layer Cake Body Wash
I'm obsessed with this stuff!  It smells absolutely delicious, is the perfect amount of bubbly, and is an adorable shade of pink.  Plus, the bottle has a recipe for making pink frosting on it.  It's almost time to start thinking about Christmas presents and this is a great option.

3. House Bitch
One of my amazing co-workers and her roommates were having trouble dividing up the chores around their apartment.  Their solution?  The House Bitch.  Whoever is the designated House Bitch for the week is responsible for all the cleaning, taking out the trash, empty the dishwasher, cleaning the fridge, and all the other household chores that arise.  First of all the whole concept cracks me up.  I always laugh when she comes into work and tells me, "so it's my House Bitch week" followed by some story about her duties that week  Secondly, it's a great way to divide up the chores.  It ensures they're always getting done, that the system rotates, and that doing the chores turns into a joke and not a tedious activity.

4. Patterned Tights
Here's another thing I love about the Fall...patterned tights!  Since I am a huge girlie girl, I refuse to stop wearing skirts and dresses once the weather cools off.  This can lead to chilly legs and regular nude colored nylons are just so BORING.  Patterned tights are practical but let you get a little sassy at the same time.  If you don't get too crazy with the pattern, you can even wear them to the office.  I found this pair at but I've also seen some great pairs at H&M if you're looking to spend a little less.

5. Celebrities That Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously
 Photo from
 Now maybe I'm a little biased this week since I'm a huge Boston sports fan and the Celtics kicked some serious Miami butt last night, but I can't get enough of Shaq.  I love how he's not afraid to be goofy and how he really appreciates his fans.  The picture above is from last week when Shaq decided to pose as a statue in Harvard Square for 1 hour so his fans could take pictures with him.  I'm also loving the video of Shaq challenging Justin Bieber to a bowling competition.

Joe Flacco is another one of my favorites.  He recently dressed up as "The Situation" for a Halloween party and completely committed to the look by getting designs shaved into his head.  It's going to take a while to grow out so I'm hoping we'll still see some traces of it when the Ravens take on Miami on November 7th!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh's CMJ

CMJ is officially over and I barely survived.  It was one intense week filled with outrageous amounts of live music with some volunteer work sandwiched in between.  I think I need to sleep for a week to recover but I had the TIME OF MY LIFE.  Here's some highlights.

Don't Cry Records CMJ Party

Hit this up on Wednesday night, danced my butt off until 3am...and yes, the party was still going strong when I left.  Cubic Zirconia and Nick Hook absolutely killed it with their DJ sets.  Gallery Bar has a cool vibe as well.  It's very very dark inside with all kinds of flickering candles lighting the bar.  Only downside of the night was the awkward encounter I had with the bartender.  He offered me a free tequila shot and when I accepted he LICKED my hand and poured the salt on it.  That is not even a little bit ok.

Spike Hill

Spent the evening here on Friday to check out Young Mammals and Pretty & Nice. I'd never heard of Young Mammals before but they're doing some neat stuff.  I enjoyed their set and it kept my feet tapping along.  However, the song about the dog pound/hanging around/insert horrible rhyming lyrics here...has got to go.  Pretty & Nice were amazing!!!  I'd heard a lot of their stuff before but never seen them live.  They put on a great show.  And everyone should be very very excited for the new tracks they've been working on.  They played a few of their new songs and I loved them even more than I love what they've already written.

Brooklyn We Go Hard
Unofficial theme song of our Saturday adventures since we traipsed all over the place!  Kicked the night off by roaming the streets of Williamsburg and then headed over to The Charleston to check out some Boston based bands.  It was fun but things got ridiculous shortly after.  There is a gem of a bar called the Turkey's Nest just down the street from The Charleston that serves margaritas in TO GO CUPS!!  Yes that is right...margaritas in to go cups.  We grabbed up a bunch and headed to watch Pretty & Nice play at a house party in Greenpoint.  Sooooooo much fun!  It was a great chance to meet a ton of new people and hear some more live music.  The bands were great for the most part...except for the one with the random singer that looked like the dude from Nickelback...ewwww.  There were also lots of Brooklyn Stoop Party cocktails.  If you haven't had one yet...stop reading this and make yourself one immediately.  They are the perfect fall drink! (Disclaimer: Drinking Brooklyn Stoop Parties may lead to lots of giggling in the corner...see below haha)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

Happy happy Friday everyone!  I am exhausted from a crazy week full of CMJ concerts and volunteer work but I'm getting ready to power through.  2 more days of CMJ and these last few shows are NOT to be missed.  I'm trying out a little something fun this afternoon and participating in the Friday blog hop (Thanks to the lovely Daniela for posting about it!).  I'm looking forward to finding some great new blogs to read.  You should check them out too!


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween's Coming....

So I hate to disappoint but there's not time for a "Stuff I Like" post this week.  I'm helping out the absolutely amazing folks at my old internship, Springboard Enterprises, with their NYC events tomorrow.  I'm with them before and after work tomorrow and then I'm heading over to the "Don't Cry Records" CMJ party.  Instead of the usual post, I'm giving you my dear readers, the chance to help me out.  It's almost Halloween and I still haven't decided which version of "Ke$ha" to be!  Here are the options:

Trashbag Ke$ha
Tik Tok Ke$ha

Sparkly Ke$ha

Hot Mess Ke$ha

I'm leaning towards all out hot mess Ke$ha....what do you think?


CMJ starts this Tuesday!!!  I am sooooo unbelievably excited.  Partly because one of my best friends in the whole wide world is coming down from Boston.  (I'd like to take a moment to thank her lovely boyfriend for playing shows and making this reunion possible hahaha).  And partly because, there are few things I love more in the world than live music.  CMJ is your chance to see some of your favorite bands play shows, but more importantly it's a chance to check out some acts you've never heard of.  Working full time is going to limit my concert going but I'm going to hit up as many shows as possible.  Here's my guide to the must see shows of CMJ.  Prepare to shake your butts!

Tuesday 10/19
The Dance Party-4:45pm at Arlene's Grocery
Saw these guys in DC 2 years ago and they blew me away.  They put on an extremely high energy show and I guarantee they will keep your feet moving the entire time.

NinjaSonik-9:00pm at S O Bs
They have a song called "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant" that you know that, how could you not see them perform?

Soko -12:00am at Hiro Ballroom
I discovered Soko on and I think she's great!  CMJ is all about checking out music you wouldn't normally listen to and Soko is a great chance to do it.  She provides a great taste of folk music with some hilarious lyrics.  Check out "I'll Kill Her" to see what I mean.

Wednesday 10/20
Jukebox the Ghost- 4:45pm at The Delancey
Since they're GW alums...there's no way I can't plug Jukebox's set.  Seeing them play shows around DC was a highlight of my college experience.  If you're looking for a fun show and music that anyone can get into...this is the band to see.  Plus, they have a piano.  Amazing.

The absolute ONLY place you should be Wednesday night is at the HEAD AUTOMATICA show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg at 9pm.  Yes this show is so important that I changed my writing formula hahaha.  They haven't been playing a lot of live shows lately so any opportunity to see them cannot be missed.  They will have you dancing like a crazy person and loving every minute of it.  Plus Yak Ballz is opening.  Last time I saw this dude perform, some girl jumped on the stage without any pants on (ok she technically had nylons on but still that shit was see through).

Don't you dare think about going home after the show since the party's on at Gallery Bar

Thursday 10/21
I had the chance to see them perform at the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC a few years back.  Great live show and really sincere lyrics.  The live show sounds just as good as the album and that's not something you can say very often.

Shwayze-12:00am and LMFAO-1:00am at Santos Party House
I don't really have any good reasons to check out this show besides 1) I think Cisco Adler's cute (no judging...everyone knows I have questionable taste in men) and 2) There are few things better than drunkenly screaming along to "shots shots shots shots shots evvvverrrrryboddddddyyyy!!!!!"

Friday `10/22
Unlike the Shwayze concert, I have lots of reasons why you should check out these lovely gentlemen.  Even though I'm a New Yorker now, I will always always always love the Boston music scene and Pretty & Nice are a perfect example of the great music that continues to come out of the city.  They write some super catchy tracks and there will be lots of dancing.

It's Ghostface...what more needs to be said?  Except maybe, who doesn't love this song?

Saturday 10/23
Seeing them once isn't enough.  Plus there's free nachos at this show.

You can get a little taste of what CZ is all about at the Don't Cry Party on Wednesday but you've got to see them perform live.  Their live shows are always absolutely insane and full of outrageous amounts of dancing.  Plus, Tiombe will definitely be wearing something fierce.  If you're looking for a party on Saturday this show is where you need to be.

So there's my CMJ picks. Who are you most excited to see?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stuff I Like

Even though life is super crazy busy, I decided I couldn't let you go without your weekly edition of Stuff I Like.  That's right...I'm sacrificing my lunch break for all you wonderful people haha.  Here's what made the cut this week.

1. Booties

I am obsessed with booties this season.  While I love drooling over the pairs with sky high heels, for once they've starting making lower heeled booties as well.  For a girl who's just under 6 feet, the lower heeled styles are a life saver.  I'm personally a fan of booties of the brown leather or black suede variety.  Check out DSW to snag a pair at a great discount!

2. Sporcle  may be the GREATEST time wasting website ever created.  It's full of ridiculous trivia that allows you to fool yourself into thinking you're learning and not in fact wasting time.  During undergrad, I even used their "name all the countries in the world in 15 minutes" game to study for my geography exams.  Who knows...maybe it did actually teach me something.

3. Antoine Dodson

How can you not love this guy?  After giving this crazy interview, which was turned into a song by the crew at Autotune the News, he used the money to buy a house for his family and to re-enroll in school.  While America is making fun of him, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

4. Espresso Machines
I have a serious caffeine addiction.  You DO NOT want to be around me before I have my morning coffee.  If I wait to long for my daily Iced Americano, I get jittery and then the headache sets in.  However, this habit can get expensive...and fast.  Luckily, when I was home for Christmas last year I discovered my grandparents had an unused espresso machine in their basement.  I claimed "Finders Keepers" (or just asked them but Finders Keepers sounds much more bad ass) and took custody of the espresso machine.  Now I can have my daily caffeine fix and save money.  If you don't own an espresso machine it is one investment I highly recommend making.

5. CMJ
This year's CMJ festival is less than a week away and it promises to bring some of the greatest acts you've already heard of and that you've never heard of the NYC.  I don't have a badge but I plan on hitting up quite a few shows and checking out as much new music as possible.  I'll be posting a full guide of the shows you can't miss (*coughHEADAUTOMATICAcough*) this weekend.  But I couldn't resist adding CMJ to this week's list....yes I'm THAT excited for it.

So there's a brief lunch break installment of "Stuff I Like".  I'm dying to hear what everyone thinks about it or what you can't get enough of at the moment!  I'm off to see the Celtics dominate the Knicks tonight at MSG.  It's my first time at MSG and my first time seeing a professional basketball game.  It should be fun!

Tik Tok on the Clock but the Party Don't Stop

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!  I made it back from DC in one piece (barely) and had one of the greatest weekends ever.  It was full of shenanigans and best friends and everything awesome.  Here's a recap, complete with pictures!  Some are courtesy of the lovely Caitlin.

I headed down to DC on Friday afternoon and cheated on my beloved BoltBus with the MegaBus.  MegaBus was AWFUL.  I NEVER EVER EVER recommend taking the MegaBus.  There were no clear lines at their NYC stop during boarding and my bus left 20 minutes late.  There is absolutely no leg room either.  I'm a pretty tall girl (5'11" to be exact) and I'm not exaggerating my legs were so cramped they were aching like crazy by the end of the trip.  I even tried different seats on the way there and back.  Neither helped.  From now on I'll spend the extra $5 on a more reliable and comfortable bus line.

When I finally got to DC, I devoured my first 5 Guys Burger...DELICIOUS and reunited with my DC family!  Soooo good to see everyone and spend time catching up on everyone's lives.  We ventured out to Local 16 for some dancing (Party in the USA...I think yes) and ridiculousness.  Jbunny took pictures so please harass her until she posts them (I'm dying to see them!!!!).

Saturday was the Taste of Georgetown festival.  For only $20 you could taste dishes from 5 Georgetown restaurants.  Here's what I sampled.

Beef Brisket Ravioli with a Dolcetto Wine and Crimini Mushroom Sauce from Filomena Ristorante.  This dish was unbelievable!  I was a little skeptical about a beef brisket ravioli at first but the dish just burst with flavor.  It ended up being my favorite dish of the afternoon.

This is the Cayenne and Espresso Steak Bruschetta from Paolo's Ristorante.  Another solid dish.  Steak bruschetta is nothing I'd ever think of making but it works.

This was the worst dish of the day.  I took one bite and then had to throw it out.  I went to Neyla's booth expecting Marinated Beef Shawarma Sliders.  They were all out of those and gave me these strange beef dumplings instead.  I have no idea what was in them but whatever is was bad.

Getting towards the end of the afternoon I sampled the Tenderloin Sandwich from Morton's The Steak House.  The tenderloin itself was cooked perfectly and delicious.  The sandwich part was a little disappointing.  It could have used some sauce or some onions or really anything to make it something other than steak on bread.

To finish out the afternoon I had a Chocolate Tart from Fahrenheit.  It was decadent and full of rich flavors.  This is definitely a dessert to share.

After stuffing my face at Taste of Georgetown we ventured out to one of our favorite haunts in Adams Morgan...Tom Tom!  I think what happened next is best told through pictures.

The DJ played Cupid Shuffle so I obviously decided doing the dance was necessary.  First it was only me, breaking it down all by myself.

Then other people began to join in so I didn't look like a complete and total idiot.

And eventually....half the club joined in!  Yes, that actually happened.  I am THAT ridiculous.

All in all it was a perfect weekend spent with the perfect people.  I already miss my DC girls and guys and can't wait until our next visit!

Other than that it's back to the grind this week.  I picked up some crazy over time hours over the next couple weeks so can't promise regular updates.  But you will definitely be hearing from me this weekend.  CMJ's coming up and some of my favorite Bostonians are coming down and playing shows!  You better come shake your butt with me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Love(d) College

I'm peacing out of the city for a few days to reunite with my DC/GW family!  It will be the first time we've all been together since graduation and I'm pretty excited.  One of my coworker's just got back from a mini-reunion with her college friends and it seemed like sooooo much fun.  Check out her blog to read more about it (she's amazing and so are her posts!).  I promise lots of ridiculous updates when I'm back on Monday.  Try not to miss me too much while I'm gone haha.  Here's a little taste of the shenanigans we're going to get into...hopefully it will hold you over until I'm back.

Yes, that is me and Rachel on stage...don't ask hahahaha

This weekend is going to be epic.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stuff I Like

Before I start this week's installment of "Stuff I Like" I have to share the conversation I had with my mom yesterday.  It offers further proof of just how hilarious/ridiculous my dad is.

Mom: I showed your father your post about our family vacations yesterday.
Me: What did he think?
Mom: He liked it.  Then I tried to show him how to find your blog and read other entries.  He said he didn't need to know that since he only wants to read about himself.


On that note, here's today's list!

1. J. Crew Cable Knit Sweaters
Nothing screams fall quite like a Cambridge Cable Crewneck Sweater from J. Crew.  There is just something so cozy about throwing one on during a cold afternoon.  Plus, they are super versatile.  You can wear them to the office with a pair of dress pants, dress it down with some jeans and a pair of boots, or throw on some pearls and a headband and rock a super preppy look.  Bonus preppy points if your first name is Bunny.

2. Discounted Restaurant Meals
Eating out in NYC can be hella expensive.  But a girl's got to eat right?  Thankfully there are two little gems called BlackboardEats and Scoutmob that ALWAYS have my back.  Both websites offer free coupons (unlike Groupon where you have to pay up front) to restaurants or other happening spots throughout the city.  Make sure to sign up for both sites since they cater to very different types of meals.  BlackboardEats mostly showcases higher end restaurants, typically offers a 25-30% discount or a free bottle of wine, and the coupons expire after a few weeks.  Scoutmob usually features smaller less expensive restaurants, offers a 50% discount, and the coupons are valid for much longer.

3. MegaBus/BoltBus
So this is neither a MegaBus or BoltBus but since there's only room for one picture (and I obviously couldn't hurt the either of the bus's feelings hahaha) this picture will have to do.  But in all seriousness, these bus services are one of the greatest things to ever happen to young people on the East Coast.  Our generation is spread out all over the place and we've got friends/family/personal ties to a bunch of different locations instead of spending our entire lives in the same town or state.  My life is currently split between the three wonderful cities of New York, DC, and Boston (slash probably the smallest town in all of MA but we'll say Boston to make things less confusing for everyone) and I'm always traveling between them.  You cannot beat a nonstop bus ticket between NYC and either of those destinations for $25 or less!  Up until now I've only used BoltBus but I'm taking the MegaBus to DC this weekend...I'll let you know what I think.

4. Boardwalk Empire
Easily my favorite show of Fall 2010.  I don't want to give too much of the plot away but let's just say it's about the corruption, gangs, and debauchery occurring in Atlantic City during Prohibition.  That alone should make you want to watch it.  Plus Martin Scorsese and the LOVE OF MY LIFE Marky Mark Wahlberg are two of the Executive Producers.  When I watch an episode I am glued to the TV and having to wait a whole week to find out what happens next is excruciating.  So far I'm really liking the character development.  There are quite a few characters to keep track of but they do such a great job introducing them that I never feel lost.  The costumes are absolutely makes me want to be a flapper!  And all the little touches really bring the show to life.  I still can't get over how you can hear every little rattle of the pots and scrape of the silverware during the dinner scenes.

5. LA Times
Sometimes I like to pretend I am intellectual enough to do crossword puzzles.  In reality, I am the WORST SPELLER known to man.  Sure I know the answer to that clue, but how in the world am I supposed to enter it into those tiny boxes without having access to spell check!?  Never fear, the LA Times has the crossword puzzles with spell check!  If you are as inept at spelling as me, don't worry, you can still do crossword puzzles.  This nifty little website turns each incorrect letter red after you enter it.  Their Sudoku puzzles are pretty fun too.  I suggest trying them out as well.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy Family Vacations

October 2nd was my dad's birthday and he was not going to let anyone forget about it.  In fact he made sure to call me on Friday to tell me "You know what tomorrow is?  My birthday!  Remember to call me!" hahahaha.  Obviously, you can tell my dad's a little ridiculous...but that's why we love him!  In honor of his birthday, I've decided to write an entry about the top 3 absurd family vacations he has taken us on.

3. Ohio

When I was growing up, my dad traveled a lot for work.  He'd be gone for most of the week and then fly home on the weekends.  He had the chance to live in some pretty cool places like Palm Springs, Florida, and right near the beach on Long Island.  Did he invite us to visit him in Palm  How about in Florida?  If you guessed no, then you're correct!  However, he did invite us to Defiance, Ohio.   The name alone sounds horrifying.  I remember being in Middle School and actually being excited to go.  I'd never been to Ohio or on an airplane so it sounded like an adventure.  But ohhhhh was I wrong.  We spent almost the ENTIRE time trapped in the apartment since the tornado sirens kept going off.  I think the highlight of the trip was being allowed to venture out to the Walmart.

2. Labor Day 2010
I left the big city to head back up to New England for Labor Day this year.  We had planned a lovely weekend of camping on the beach in RI.  The only problem was HURRICANE EARL had other ideas.  They evacuated the campground on Thursday but we were finally allowed in on Saturday.  The winds from Earl were still whipping around like crazy.  I think I almost got blown off the jetty and to my death about 8 times.  Not to mention the layer of skin I lost due to getting pelted with sand.  Sunday and Monday ended up being perfect beautiful beach days but camping in a hurricane is still pretty absurd.

1. Columbus Day Weekend
All through Middle School and probably for part elementary school too, we would go on neighborhood camping trips.  They were always pretty fun since there were lots of kids the same age as me and my sister.  But there was one trip we always dreaded...the Columbus Day Weekend trip.  It's pretty cold by the time October rolls around.  The sensible thing to do would be travel SOUTH for the trip.  But no no that would make way too much sense.  We would all trek up to New Hampshire or Vermont.  It snowed every single time.  There is nothing quite as miserable as camping while it's cold enough to snow.  I think my mom said it best when she woke up one morning and declared "I think my eyeballs are frozen!".

So there you have it...a collection of ridiculous family vacations.  Looking back on them, they're actually pretty funny and I'm glad we went on every single one!  What are some of your favorite and/or absurd family vacation memories?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thirty Before Thirty

 I've started following this great blog,, recently and got the idea to start a Thirty before Thirty list.  I've been working on it all week and this is what I came up with.  Some of it is reasonable and easy to accomplish while other things will be more difficult.  Maybe I won't accomplish them all but, you've got to set high expectations for yourself....right?

Thirty Before Thirty

1. Visit every inhabited continent (2 down, 4 to go!).
2. Learn how to make a pie.
3. Go to grad school.
4. Take a roadtrip to somewhere outside of the East Coast.
5. Learn how to sew.
6. Plan a weekend get away for just me and my sister.
7. Pick an organization and participate in regular community service.
8. Go see a live taping of a trashy television talk show (Maury anyone??).
9. Send out my own Christmas cards.
10. Finish an entire novel in Spanish.
11. Take some refresher courses to make sure I don't forget how to speak Spanish.
12. Splurge on a pair of designer shoes.
13. Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square.
14. Learn how to make my grandmother's Christmas cookies.
15. Overcome my fear of heights and try skiing.
16. Get another tattoo.
17. Attend a multiple day music festival.
18. Finally perfect the art of the head stand in my yoga class.
19. Pay off my student loans.
20. See a sporting event in 10 different stadiums (so far Fenway Park, Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium, Nationals Park, FedEx Field, and the Meadowlands...only four more to go!)
21. Put my toes in the Pacific Ocean.
22. Host and cook all the food for a dinner party.
23. Have my own place.
24. Own a pet other than a fish.
25. Donate regularly to charity.
26. Spend a weekend in Las Vegas.
27. Learn more about what makes a good bottle of wine, instead of just buying the "cheap one with a pretty label".
28. Keep a house plant alive for at least a year.
29. Be better about emailing, calling, and keeping in touch with college and high school friends.
30. Get married or at least tame my outrageous habits and manage a long term relationship (Jbunny will appreciate that one hahaha).

So there's my list.  What do you think?  What do you hope to accomplish before you leave your 20s?