Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 10

Day 10: A picture of the person you do the most f*ed up things with

This was another easy one.  I've blogged about this lady before but we sure did get ourselves into the most bizarre situations during college.  For example the time we were all out at the bar and she disappeared for a few minutes...and then returned with 3 guidos.  We definitely fist pumped with them all night.  Or the time we were having drinks at a hotel bar and got propositioned for a threesome...apparently we looked like call girls?  I don't even know how that was possible since it was freezing that day and we were wearing a ridiculous amount of layers haha

Belting out "Kiss Me I'm Shit Faced"
This is another lady that could not be left out of this post!  We lived together for 2 years and whenever I'd get a crazy idea, take the sketchy greyhound bus back from Baltimore at 2am? Go to a weird techno club with two ICE agents? Spend Spring Break on South Padre Island in Texas?  Teach midwestern frat boys the art of the flaming jager shot?, her answer would always be "of course!".  She was definitely my partner in crime during college and always down for any adventure we could find.  DC better watch out since we're reuniting this weekend!

Other than that all three of us had a lot of the usual college antics and would egg each other on to do more outrageous things.  I seriously miss hanging out with these ladies and all the crazy things we'd get up to!


  1. hahaha great post girl ;) xo

  2. The second picture is hysterical and I can just feel the fun you guys were having in it! Great picture :)