Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3

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Day 3-A picture of the cast of your favorite show

Anyone else a huge Gilmore Girls fan?  It was my favorite show all through Middle School and High School.  I remember coming home from ballet class and racing upstairs in time to watch that week's episode with my mom.  My dad would grumble a little bit, pretend he hated it, and then anxiously ask what he missed if he fell asleep.

The characters on the show just seem so real.  They're people you would encounter in every day life and the situations they experience are easy to relate to...especially for a girl like me who grew up in a teeny tiny town.  Even after the show ended, my roommate and I would still find ourselves rushing home from class to catch the 5pm re-runs on ABC Family.  The characters from the show and the memories associated with watching it are what makes it one of my favorite shows of all time.


  1. i have never seen this show! but i know my little sister was OBSESSED with it as well as one tree hill!!!

    <3 megan

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  3. LOVE Gilmore Girls!
    Watching the re-runs still makes me want to move to Stars Hallow!


  4. Love Gilmore Girls. I DVR the ABC Family reruns.

  5. omg LOVE Gilmore Girls :) I forgot to put that one on there haha! Thanks so much for linking up again girl and getting the word out! you're the best! xo