Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 4

First of all...I'm sorry I've been slacking with reading and commenting on everyone else's blogs lately.  For the next few weeks I'm picking up 50 hour work weeks since it's our super busy time of year (I work with international college students coming to do internships in the US and LOTS are applying to come over the summer).  I'm off today so hopefully it'll give me some time to catch up a bit!

Day 4-A picture of your night

Since tonight hasn't happened yet...this will have to do!  I'm home in MA for the weekend to take my little sister to her first Celtics game.  I'm ridiculously excited since it'll only be the second Celtics game I've been too and I don't get to spend time with my sister very often.  While I am still heart broken about Nate Robinson being traded, I still love my Celtics and am looking forward to seeing them win!

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  1. thanks for linking up hun :) great post! xo

  2. how cool!!!! hope they do well :-) have a good weekend!

    <3 megan