Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 5

This post is coming a little bit late.  Hopefully you don't mind!

Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory

This was an easy one...hands down it was my semester in Barcelona!  I loved everything about that city and got to spend my time there with some amazing people!

We'd spend afternoons watching Made in Barcelona play by the beach.

Celebrated carnivale in Sitges

We took some absolutely amazing trips too!  This is with my 2 roommates in Sevilla.  They filmed scenes from Star Wars in this park.

Here we are in Prague with the lovely group of ladies I became so close with during our time in Spain.  They were the best and we have so many great memories of our adventures!

Pictures of my time in Barcelona wouldn't be complete without a picture of my host mom (note the flowers she made us put on the table to "create a picture frame" haha).  She could be a little over dramatic at times...insisting on wearing all her furs and jewels every time she left the house or that we hated her cooking if we couldn't finish the mountains of food she cooked for us each night.  But she took excellent care of us and living with her made our time in the city a wonderful experience.


  1. ahh Leanna! I'm so excited to travel to Barcelona :) i love all your pictures! xo

  2. I LOVED this post! Barca was for sure one of the best times of my life as well. I am so glad we were roommates :)

    See you sooooonnnnn!!!!

  3. Hi there! I'm a new follower - found you at Belle in the City - I LOVE Barcelona! We spent our honeymoon there and I'm dying to go back. You are hilarious, by the way!