Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 8

First of all...welcome to all my new followers!  This is an excellent time to join up since hopefully this 30 Day Blog challenge will help you learn a little more about me.

Day 8: A picture that makes you laugh

So once upon a time, when I was a ridiculous sophomore in college, I invested in Carmen Electra's Cardio Striptease workout DVD.  I then assembled all of my friends and demanded they try it out with me.  HOWEVER, Carmen decided to be complicated and require that we have props such as button down shirts, scarves, hats, and glasses.  Now I had already gathered 6 girls in my room and I was completely unprepared for the whole props curve ball.  Not wanting to disappoint, I grabbed whatever I could find in my tiny room and started passing them out.  Above you will find the COMPLETELY UNSEXY outfits we developed.  For some reason I highly doubt Carmen had this in mind when she created her DVD.  This picture always cracks me up since it was such a funny night and the girls and I were always doing absurd things like this throughout college.

Honorable Mention:
Yeah, so one time we decided to reenact the scene from Benny & Joon when Johnny Depp made grilled cheese with his iron. POOR CHOICE


  1. haha i can't believe you decided to IRON a grilled cheese :) that's hilarious! love this post!

  2. HAHA I can't believe you IRONED a grill cheese ... too funny!

  3. OMG ! yall ironed grilled cheese!??? that is awesome! and hilarious!

  4. Loving your stripper outfits. Foxy!

    And the ironed grilled cheese is soo funny!