Tuesday, March 29, 2011

North American Scum

I was a very very very lucky girl last night and went to see LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5!  My girl K.Feels was in town with The Rog (oh hey, I gave you a shout out...I think this means you're escorting me to the Turkey's Nest next Friday *hinthint*).  K.Feels has been one of my closest friends since we starting taking ballet today in elementary school.  I'm always excited when she's in town!

First of all, Terminal 5 is such a neat venue (see above but picture it packed with sweaty people instead of chairs, got it?....good!).  The best part is, it gets progressively nicer as you go up levels.  By the time you're on the third floor there are comfy couches, mini chairs, awesome lighting, and most importantly, outrageous amounts of dancing room.  Oh and did I mention they sell Asiadog and that beer is $3 before the first band starts playing?  Yeah, it definitely is one of the greatest venues ever.

Before I get to the music, let me just say half the fun of going to this show was the people watching.  The dancing glow stick man was my personal favorite.  He must have come straight from work since he was still in his shirt and tie but he completely decked himself out in glow sticks and spent the entire night dancing like a crazy person....by himself.  He is my hero.  The girl with the HAIR EARRINGS was another personal favorite of mine.  As well as the bros, who looked completely confused about how to behave at an LCD Soundsystem show.

Anyways, They completed KILLED it during their sets.  Since it's part of their farewell series, they played 3 separate hour long sets!!  Each set was incredible with perfectly timed lighting and effects (lasers and disco balls...yay!).  There are few things better than shaking your butt to "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" and "Yeah".  Or listening to "Drunk Girls" played live and realizing you relate to every single line.  However, I was a little disappointed that they didn't play my personal favorite song "North American Scum" but maybe some of you that attend one of their other shows will have more luck!

For now, I'll leave you with some pictures from the show.

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  1. SO jealous you go to see them!!!! Finally someone on here who has same music taste as me on something ;-)

    Happy Wednesday!