Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stuff I Like

Just because I'm doing a blog challenge, doesn't mean I'm going to leave out my weekly editions of Stuff I Like!  Here's what's on my list this week.

1. Word Feud
I finally downloaded Word Feud for my Droid and I am HOOKED!  I've always loved word puzzles and the competitive element of this makes it even better than a crossword.  I'm still getting the hang of it, but I intend to become a force to be reckoned with in the near future.  Let's play a game!  My username is lwood15 and I've got a 3.5 hour bus ride to MA tomorrow...I'll definitely have some time to kill haha

2. "Return of the Mack" Pandora Station

Anyone else share my love for Mark Morrison?  I mean take a look at this music video...that man has some impeccable style and hand gestures/bobbing dance moves.  "Return of the Mack" came on my iPod during my morning commute so clearly making an entire Pandora Station based off of that song was necessary.  It was an amazing life decision since it resulted in a mix filled with Montell Jordan and the classic hip hop boy bands Jagged Edge and 112.  The only thing that could make this station better is if an Immature song came on.  Hopefully that'll happen tomorrow.

3. Google Reader
I am completely obsessed with my Google Reader lately.  There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of whittling it down to 0.  Which only ever seems to happen on the weekends but it's better than nothing right?

4. Liberate Icon
I saw this icon on a friend's Facebook page the other day and I think it's wonderful with a very beautiful message.  My thoughts are prayers are with all the people in these countries fighting for freedom.

5. Bunny Chow
Fresh Year of Life and I had dinner at Bunny Chow recently and it was amazing!  They serve the most delicious South African food.  I'd never tried South African food before and I LOVED it.  We sampled the Lamb and Chicken Bunny Chows and all I can say is yummmm.  The rum punch was delish as well.  And here's a little tip: check in on Foursquare for coupon!


  1. I totally just requested you! But, I must warn you, sometimes I kind of forget I'm playing since I have the notifications turned off so it could be a long game lol

  2. I know what you mean about Google Reader. I have the same sense of satisfaction when I get down to 0! I read far, far too many blogs though, so sadly it's only at the weekend that this can happen.