Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stuff I Like

This week's list is drawing some major influence from food.  I clearly need to get my act together before bathing suit season.

1. Game of Thrones Food Truck

I am so impressed by the marketing campaign HBO is running for Game of Thrones right now.  It is THE PERFECT use of social media.  Every day this week, the Game of Thrones food truck is serving free food somewhere in New York City...and this isn't just any food.  It is delicious medieval inspired food created by your favorite Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio!  They tweet their general location in the morning and will post a youtube video showing Tom preparing the food.  However, you don't know the exact location until about half an hour before they start serving.  I felt like I was on a little treasure hunt!  I kept sneaking peeks at Twitter all day and then trekked down to Lincoln Center where I anxiously awaited the announcement of which cross streets the truck would be at.  The food itself was incredible!  Today's dish was black seafood stew, full of calamari, shrimp and scallops.  It was so flavorful with just the right amount of spicy.  For dessert, there was a tiny lemon cake.  If you live in New York, you should really check out this promotion tomorrow or's well worth it!  And for all my LA readers, the truck is coming your way next week!

2. Sam Adams

No, I'm not talking about the beer (even though I like that too).  I'm talking about the musician...I mean how could you not love a guy named after your favorite beer who calls himself "Boston's Boy"?  I think his songs are really catchy, especially Swang Your Drink and Driving Me Crazy.  Plus, if you make a Pandora Station based on his music, it plays a lot of Shwayze...and we all know how I feel about Cisco Adler (no judging).

3. Man v. Food

I'm a skinny girl, but I am OBSESSED with the show Man v. Food.  I readily admit to spending part of last Saturday curled up on the couch watching it.  I'm so obsessed that I have already told my friends we are incorporating these food challenges into our summer trips.  Atlanta is only a few weeks away and you can bet I will be trying a Double Bypass Burger at Vortex Bar and Grill.  When I go to Indiana this summer?  We will definitely be stopping at Bub's Burgers for a Big Ugly.  And don't even get me started on the deep dish pizzas in Chicago.  Now, I'll probably be able to eat approximately 2 bites of all these dishes...but at least I can say I tried it!

4. The Bronx Zoo Cobra

For those of you outside of NYC, the Egyptian Cobra from the Bronx Zoo has gone missing.  While some people are panicking, I've been giggling over this Twitter account that has recently appeared.  My favorite tweet so far? "I agree with Brett Favre. Snakes should be set free!".  DYING right now haha

5. Crepeaway comes to NYC

Any other GW alums reading right now that share my obsession with Crepeaway?  There are few things better than eating a delicious crepe at 3am as you stumble home from the bar...or as a quick lunch between classes...or pretty much any time.  Well my dream came true this week when Crepeaway opened a location in NYC!  It's located at 31 Waverly Place and I have every intention of reliving my DC days by hitting it up sometime next week.  Yummmm


  1. YES! I LOVEEEE Man vs. Food! He has come to my hometown of Richmond, VA before too! AWESOME!

    Hope you have a good weekend girl!

    <3 Megan
    A Suitcase and Stilettos

  2. I'm always so curious when I hear about missing zoo animals. I remember when I read Life of Pi, it said that there were escaped zoo animals living in major cities. I've always wondered if that was true...