Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day at the Races

I headed down to DC for the weekend to see my girlies and attend the Preakness!  We boarded a party bus at 10am on Saturday and headed up to Pimlico for the races.  I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  I apologize for not having any pictures of Bruno Mars...I was too busy sitting near the fence and chanting "horsies! horsies!"  No judging.

The crowd at the races


Kegasus, the mascot of the day

Puddle of Mud...I think it's been a good 5 years since they had a relevant song, oh well!
Loved this guy's hat!


One of the smaller races

The lucky winners cashing in their bets

I think a few of the highlights were the ridiculous people we saw and some of the conversations we overheard.  For example, at the mimosa and bagel breakfast before leaving, "I only go to church when my daddy promises to buy me something".  Or during the bus ride back to DC, "I bet on all the horses with jockeys named Jesus.  I had to get ready for the Rapture somehow".

Some of the more outrageous moments included:

This lovely gentleman big pimping at the Preakness
This group of bros getting kicked off their bus (luggage and all) for being too belligerent.  It didn't phase them though, they started a game of pick up football.
My all time favorite moment is featured above.  This older gentleman decided he would like to ROCK out to Bruno Mars covering the Jackson 5.  AMAZING.

Oh and did I mention our bus driver got into a fist fight?  He won of course.  Our day at the races was certainly an adventure and I am so glad we went!


  1. Looked like a great time! I had no idea all those other activities were going on around the horse races.

  2. My goodness...Preakness is crazy!!! My sister went and the stories she REMEMBERED were hysterical!