Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love it or Hate it?

I saw an alarming amount of people traipsing around NYC this weekend wearing variations of this outfit:

I'm sorry sweetie, but did you forget to put on your shirt?  While you could maybe and I mean MAYBE get away with this look at the beach, you DO NOT need to be galavanting around Times Square like this.  It just doesn't translate well while surrounded by concrete or you know at 2pm on a Monday.

Apparently, this outfit is also an epidemic sweeping DC as Secret Lover was also appalled by what he witnessed this weekend (and trust me, that man has some fashion sense).  You can gauge his horror from the following text messages:

Secret Lover: Omg!!!! I saw so much of that outfit yesterday I almost threw up everywhere

Me: Omg I know! Who thinks that looks nice?

Secret Lover: People that don't own mirrors...or shame.

What are your thoughts on this new trend?  Is there any situation where this outfit works?


  1. Yikes. That's a big NO. Luckily, that look isn't too popular here in southwestern Ohio. Haha!

  2. Not a fan of that look, on or off the beach! I'm not sure anyone can pull that off IRL!

  3. NOT cool hahaha You know what I want more thoughts on? THIS SECRET LOVER!!!!