Monday, May 2, 2011

A Weekend in Pictures the title might be a little deceptive.  There will also be some words, you should know by now that this blogger can't keep her mouth shut!

Delicious dinner and cocktails with K.Tana at the Corner Shop Cafe in Soho.  I think I might have a new favorite spot.  The service was phenomenal, I loved the atmosphere, the food was delicious (especially the chocolate bread pudding dessert!), and that Soho martini?  To die for.

Loving the Spring weather and colors...but not so much my sun burned scalp.  Ouch!

My roommates and I painted pottery at Little Shop of Crafts.  Now I do not have an artistic bone in my body but, I think my mug turned out pretty good!  It's being glazed and fired this week...hopefully when I pick up the final product I'll still like it.

Painting pottery was exhausting so this girl (and her roommates) clearly needed a cocktail...yummm.

Now to the most important part of the week...the NYC Bloggers Meet-Up!  Thanks to the lovely {av} at Long Distance Loving, Christine at bun&borough, and Lauren from little lg in nyc for organizing it!

It was such a great afternoon!  Even though I'm closing in on the one year mark of starting this little blog, I still feel like I have so much to learn.  It was great to gain tips and insights from these ladies and to find out that we all have so much in common!  Everyone, also found out I'm a hugger...hope that wasn't a problem haha

I think the most important thing I took away from the meet-up was how important it is to support each other.  We should want to help each other and if you don't like someone's content then stop reading...don't publicly tear them down or leave mean comments.  So to build off of this sentiment, here are all the ladies that attended yesterday.  Visit their blogs...they have a lot of interesting things to say!

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  1. how fun Leanna! I still wish I could get a blogger meet up here in the Chi! It'd be so fun :) love the pics!

  2. It was such a fun meetup and set my expectations high since it was my first! I agree that the discussions were really helpful.

  3. I just popped over from Long Distance Loving :-)
    It looks like you all had a blast! And that martini in the pic looks delish!

  4. It was so great to meet you this weekend! Hope we all do it again soon!

  5. LOVE the pictures! I was away this weekend and missed the meet up :( I hope we can have another one soon! I love your mug too!

  6. im totally jealous :-) id love to do a blogger meet up :-)

    im gonna check out their blogs now ;-)

  7. i totally got suburned from sitting outside for an hour at lunch yesterday. ridiculous.

    love your mug! can't wait to see it IN MY KITCHEN ALWAYS <3

  8. your mug wound up turning out really cute!! a bigger yay for the cocktails after ;)

    xo courtney!

  9. Just started following and love your blog already. I love painting pottery things :)

  10. Love your blog, and so sad I missed out on the NYC blogger meet up on Sunday!! I was stuck in Long Island :( I hope to meet all you wonderful bloggers at another meet up soon!!