Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Ok

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber today for It's Ok Thursdays.  I haven't done this in a while and I always love this link up

Its Ok Thursdays

To be unable to resist a sale at the grocery store...who doesn't need 10 yogurts for $10?

To hit the snooze button once or twice...or three times in the morning

To own 20 pairs of shoes and still manage to wear the same pair almost every day

To always keep your toes painted even when it's too cold for open toed shoes

To sing too loudly in the shower

To dance down the hallway when no one else is looking

To be reading 2 books at the same time

To talk to your pets like they're people

To hoard the best flavored K cups in your desk drawer...the good ones run out fast in the office!

To already be thinking about ordering Christmas cards and presents


  1. Oh my gosh, I have so many freaking pairs of shoes and yet I wear the same ones! Maybe one day I'll break out of my shell, haha.

  2. haha I so do that with both the shoes and painted toes!

  3. Totally okay to be thinking about Christmas... it's officially less than 2 months away! :D

  4. I have actually been caught dancing down the hallway when I thought nobody was looking... but they were! LOL

  5. I'm so with you on the shoe thing! Got a whole closet full but always wear the same three pairs! And it's totally normal to talk to your pets like they are your children, right?! Guilty!

    Happy Thursday :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  6. i totally am already thinking about ordering christmas presents for my nieces/nephews!! it is always so fun :)

    happy thursday!

  7. 10 dollars for 10 yogurts is SUCH A DEAL! and i support you hoarding K-cups.

  8. Oh my gosh. I definitely have probably 50 pairs of shoes and I wear the same 3 pairs every single day. My poor little lonely shoes.

  9. I agree with reading two books at once. I used to hate it, but then I started reading Game of Thrones. I have to read smaller, easier books (mostly young adult dystopians - hah!) just to break it up so I can get through it!

    Happy Thursday =)

  10. I wear the same pair of black heels most of the time!

  11. It is TOTALLY ok to dance in hallways, even if people ARE looking :)

  12. I always have to grab greek yogurts when I see them for that cheap...haha. It's a sickness really...even if I don't need them!

    One should always keep their toes never know who will see them ;)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  13. I swear I have the same shoe issues. I have tons of gorgeous shoes, but I gravitate to the same 2-3 pairs. And it is more than ok to dance in the hallways, or in your office, or in the copy room ... It's even ok to get caught by your boss occasionally ;)

  14. Its ok to want to start listening to Christmas songs on Pandora too...right?!? ;)