Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in Review

I always like doing these posts since they're a fun way to remember all the things that have happened over the year.

1. I rang in 2011 surrounded by a few of my best friends at Gustavino's...and convinced a boy to buy me a $600 bottle of vodka.  Hey, I had to start 2011 off in style, right?

2. I had a chance to attend NYC fashion week.  A.Z. Araujo's swimwear was fantastic and there were some wonderful fruity cocktails.

3. Woke up at the crack of dawn to have a champagne and cake party with my roommate while we watched Kate and Wills get married.

4. Journeyed down to the dirty dirty South and spent a weekend visiting one of my very good friends in Hotlanta.

5. I had a little too much fun during fleet week...and got my heart broken 2 months later.

6. I saw NKOTBSB in concert and swooned over my boys Donnie Wahlberg and Nick Carter.

7. I wore a pretty dress and attended the Preakness.

8. I had a split Fourth of July celebration in VA Beach and DC with my GW loves.

9. I went on both my first business trip and my first trip to the West Coast...where I finally had the chance to try In-N-Out Burger!

10. I fell out of love with NYC and moved back to DC, the city that I left my heart in.

11. I lost my best friend.

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  1. I like seeing your year in review. All the moments of joy, grief, and bittersweet moments I'm sure, but such is life. Take care sweet Leanna and cheers to a new year of memories :) Hugs from dirty NYC! HA