Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

So on Saturday I got myself into another one of those situations that no one but me could manage to get themselves into.  When I came back from the gym and checked my voicemail I had the following message: "Hey it's _____ we met in Jersey last May".  Now this is where any logical person would have said STOP RIGHT THERE and hit delete.  But it was one of the sketch ball lovely gentlemen from a previous post and I was intrigued.  It continued with "I remember you told me to call you if I'm ever in the this is me calling you...lata".  Now if the first sentence didn't make me hit delete this second part should have.  But did I?

Of course not!  I have a soft spot for military men/bros/things involving NewJersey.  I texted back "We'll be at Cielo tonight.  You should stop by".  To make a long story short he never showed up.  BUT I did have this lovely text when I woke up yesterday "Sorry I passed out early last night but how do you feel about some morning nookie?"  EXCUSE ME!?  First of all, who uses the word nookie unless their name is Fred Durst?  Second of all, if all you managed to get last time was a kiss why in the world would you think this was an acceptable proposition?  Ughhhh what is wrong with my life? haha

Otherwise this weekend was amazing!!  We celebrated a very lovely lady's birthday at Cielo and it was an outrageous amount of fun.  There were slightly unacceptable amounts of fist pumping, house music, and rhinestone sunglasses.  In other was epic.  Enjoy the pictures from my roommie's camera!

Even our cabbie wanted in on the sparkle glasses action

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lust List

Wouldn't all these make wonderful additions to my closet?







Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Silliness

As an aspiring housewife, I can't say I'm 100% on the same page as this little girl but she still is pretty darn cute.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stuff I Like

1. Justin Bieber's Haircut
Justin Bieber has cut off all his hair!!  I'll admit, at first I was horrified and sad and crushed...I mean come on, my favorite scene from Never Say Never was when he when he flipped his hair around.  But, the new do has grown on me.  It's sorta like when Justin Timberlake abandoned his curly fro.  We teeny boppers were shocked at first but soon embraced how amazing the short hair looked.  Hate on the Biebz all you want, but I think he has the potential to be the Timberlake of the next generation...what do you think?

2. Catch Phrase
We broke out Catch Phrase as part of our Mexican Fiesta this weekend.  It was so much fun and kept us cracking up!  Trying to describe Bill O'Reilly to your team is harder than you'd expect.  It's such a great party game since it really breaks the ice and gets people interacting with each other.

3. Baked by Melissa
I've passed Baked by Melissa a few times and I've always thought their quarter sized cupcakes are just too cute!  Yesterday, I decided to treat myself and stop in and treat myself to six...hey they're tiny and guilt free!  I picked up two each of cookies and cream, cookie dough, and peanut butter cup.  The bite sized cupcakes were all delicious but when I bit into the peanut butter, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!  And the best part about these cupcakes, they deliver anywhere in the US.  They are such a cute and unique treat that I highly recommend ordering some for your next event.

4. Jimmy 2 Times Dr. Dre Mix
As part of the Dre Day party, Jimmy 2 Times  released a Dr. Dre mix.  It will seriously change your life.  Listen to it right away...I promise you'll love it!

5. The X Life
I have recently become completely addicted to The X Life on Vh1.  Does anyone else watch it?  These guys are absolutely hilarious...and Cory is with Nicole of America's Next Top Model fame.  Plus, you cannot go wrong with PLG's one liners such as "Let's go to my room and have a fucking good time but let's keep our shirts on" maybe not quite as funny without seeing his dead serious face as he tried to convince all the drunken extreme sports athletes to keep their shirts on during the party. hahaha  The next episode looks intense and you should definitely tune in!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was one for the record books...I would easily say it was one of the top 3 weekends since I've been in NYC.  Sooooo much fun and soooo outrageous.  Here's what went down:


It was Dr. Dre's 46th birthday, so what else would any awkward white girl do but go to a "Dre Day" party!?  The always wonderful and hilarious Fresh Year of Life came with me and we had an absolutely ridiculous time!  We recently had a classic Step Brothers moment so she was clearly the best person to bring to this event.  Nick Hook and Jimmy2Times killed their DJ sets and Tammany Hall was an awesome venue!  We danced like crazy people, joined in on a "When I say Tu you say Pac" chant, and I blatantly hit on the bouncer.  NBD.  Oh and did I mention there was an open gin and juice bar?  Perfection.


Went out with some of the lovely ladies I went to AC with, including two of my amazing freshman year of college roommates.  We should have known the night would be trouble when it started out by breaking out the one shot glass that survived freshman year.  We headed down to my favorite place to go out...the Meatpacking District!  We ended up at Gaslight, where there was a giant line to get in.  I HATE waiting in line, so I put on my best teary face, made Sammie show the bouncer her engagement ring and said it was her bachelorette party and that it would be absolutely ruined if we had to wait in line.  The let us in immediately! hahaha  We had the best time just dancing and hanging out.  I adore these girls so it was wonderful to spend some time with them!

Sunday started off completely outrageously.  We stumbled out of the club around 4am and the girls were clearly not letting me venture back to Queens by myself.  I slept on Sammie's floor (and woke up to an amazing breakfast that her fiance had sent us to help us recover from girls night...he is seriously the best and I can't wait to meet him when he's home on leave this summer!!) and somehow had to pull myself together to meet my aunt and uncle at the Waldorf for brunch.  My hair was everywhere, my make up was streaked all over my face, and I didn't have any clothes except for my scandalously low cut going out top.  FML.  I made an emergency stop at the Forever21 for a new outfit (and people did some hardcore judging...I felt like I needed a "I am NOT on the walk of shame" sign).  I then reached an even bigger low when I had to change in a McDonald's bathroom...OMG bad news.  However, I met them, looked perfectly put together, and had a delicious brunch.

That night we had a few of the lovely gentlemen from the gym over for a Mexican Fiesta.  We used my Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker and served up big plates of nachos, avocado dip, and I made this sausage dip.  The dip was a HUGE hit with the boys and was super easy to make.  Give it a try some time!

Needless to say I am completely and utterly exhausted!  I'm planning on doing some serious resting  before venturing out for our girl Tasha's birthday on Saturday.  I promise there will be a lot more antics to write about afterwards.

New York Fashion Week: A.Z Araujo F/W 2011

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend the A.Z Araujo Fall/Winter 2011 show as part of New York fashion week.  A big thank you goes out to Melissa at On the Surface for hooking me up with the ticket!  She attended some absolutely amazing shows over the course of the week so stop over her blog for a recap and lots of pictures.

The A.Z Araujo show was held at Sky Room (which is a ridiculously cool lounge that I will definitely be returning to).   The atmosphere of the venue was excellent with plenty of rum punch, white couches, live music, and bright lights to compliment the swimwear.  I adored the brightly patterned suits and the gorgeous detailing...a lot of them had bows and you know how I feel about girly things!

My favorite part of the show was the way he styled the suits.  The lacey thigh highs and thick wool scarves were unexpected with swimwear but they looked hot.  The only accessory I wasn't thrilled with were the murses.  While I love seeing a good murse, they looked a little ridiculous with the swimwear.  I also really appreciated the models the designer selected.  They were model thin but they had some curves to fill out their swimsuits.  Several of them also had tattoos and as a girl with 2 of her own, I always appreciate a good tattoo.

Now for the part you've all been waiting for...the photos!  Now these were just taken with my little digital camera and aren't anything fancy but hopefully you enjoy them!

Dancer that opened the show

How great is that bow!?

She was my absolute favorite model of the night.  Her face is so striking.

Love the back of this...a one shoulder swimsuit is too cute

Matches the female suit above...he did a few of these but this was the only pair a got clear pictures of.

I love everything about this look, the pattern, the color, the cut out, and the necklace.

Not the best picture of the suit, but I'm in love with those thigh highs.
Here's a short video of the finale...again it's just taken with my digital camera so it's a little fuzzy.  I think it still gives a good idea of what the pieces looked like though.

I hope you enjoyed the show recap!  I'm looking forward to seeing more A.Z Araujo designs in the future.  His suits are very wearable and I would love to grab one of these to rock this summer!  What do you think of the looks?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Silliness

 I stumbled across this on a friend's Facebook page this morning.  It's too funny!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stuff I Like

This week's edition of Stuff I Like is coming during my lunch break since I'm one lucky girl and am going to the A.Z Araujo Fashion Week show tonight!  I apologize if it's not quite as detailed as usually, but I think you can all agree that Fashion Week is worth a shorter post!

1. Glittens
I recently ordered myself a pair of glittens from Urban Outfitters and I am completely smitten with my glittens.  They make everything so much easier!  It's not a struggle to get my metro card out in the mornings, to adjust the volume on my iPod, or to check my email on my phone.  Plus, being able to keep your gloves on greatly reduces your chances of losing one.  Urban is having an AMAZING clearance sale right now...I got my glittens for $3.  You should pick up a pair for yourself!

2. Kiehl's Eye Alert

I don't know about you, but no matter how much sleep I get I always wake up with big under eye circles.  Kiehl's Eye Alert has been doing the trick for me lately.  Just put a tiny bit on, give it a few minutes to dry, and you'll definitely notice an improvement.  I'm anticipating that this will be a complete lifesaver once allergy season rolls around...bye bye puffiness!

3. Leighton Meester
I think Leighton Meester is just lovely.  She is the perfect choice to play Blair on Gossip Girl, which after resisting for quite a while, I have finally embraced (hey I was a huge fan of the books and had a hard time getting past a straight Chuck Bass and a pretty Vanessa).  The girl can sing too as we saw in Country Strong and in Good Girls Go Bad with Cobra Starship.  No judging but I even liked The Roommate.  Ok, so I liked it in the "this movie is so bad it's good" way.  Minka Kelly's acting was atrocious but Leighton played a very convincing psycho.

4. Sassy Shoes

When you work in an office environment you can't always dress as sassy as you'd like.  That's why I love wearing fun shoes!  My current obsession is sparkly zebra flats.  I bought them at Forever 21 a year ago but I'm sure you can find equally sassy shoes somewhere else!

5. A Total Waste of Makeup
I'm about half way through this book right now and I can't get enough!  I hate getting off the subway at the end of the day since it means I have to put it down.  Kim Gruenenfelder's A Total Waste of Makeup is a hilarious tale of Charlie, a woman about to turn 30, who decides to write down advice for her future grandniece.  The reader gets to follow her through the  people and events that inspire this advice, such as her crazy actor boss who insists on playing match maker or her divorced hippie parents that still live together.  I seriously recommend this as a fun, light read.  Especially since every woman can agree that some days are just A Total Waste of Makeup.  A big thank you to Neely for recommending this book!