Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

The roomie and I rolled out of bed at 5am and planted ourselves in front of her TV for the wedding of the year.  How could we not see the fashion and the glamor and the romance!?  In my quest to be a good blogger I took a lot of notes during the arrivals and I'm going to try to make it into a coherent post haha  Unless otherwise noted, all the images below are via the Huffington Post.

I think these brothers are just too adorable!!  I loved watching them smile and wave at the crowd on their way in and Harry stealing glances at Kate as the ceremony began and then whispering to William.  I also thought their early arrival to the church was a nice touch.  It was really sweet to watch Wills take time to mingle with guests and speaking with his Aunts (Diana's sisters).

Speaking of the church...can we take a moment to talk about the trees?  This was one of the only things I DID NOT like about the wedding.  They looked completely out of place in a church and how in the world were people supposed to see around them!?  I did however, love the subdued nature decorations above the altar.

Now let's get to the fun part...the fashion!

Chelsy Davy, you look like a hot trollopy mess right here.  Poor poor choice on the cut of that top.

Mrs. Middleton's dress was so so.  The fit is gorgeous on her and I'm loving the hat, but the color just did not translate well on looked sort of washout out and dull, not celebratory.

Surprisingly, Camilla rocked her Royal Wedding  look.  I thought it was the perfect amount of festive for the occasion.

The Queen looked stunning in yellow!  And how cute is she bringing her little purse to the would think that as Queen of England, she could find someone to hold it for her!

One of my favorite parts of the Royal Wedding fashion was the fascinators!  How fabulous do they look on Princess Beatrice and Eugenie!?  I personally think Zara Phillips and Autumn Kelly rocked their fascinators the best.  Check out the picture here.

Now let's get to Kate!

She hit it out of the park with this Alexander McQueen dress!  The cut was divine, the lace sleeves were demur but as BBC said,  a little bit edgy since they were see through.  I just loved the train and her tiara too.  I can't say enough good things about the dress and how happy she looked.  I admit, I got a little choked up watching her walk down that aisle.

And can we take a minute to talk about how hot Pippa looked!?  Oh my goodness she looked gorgeous...and those little girls are adorable too.

Well I could gush about the Royal Wedding all day but this girl's got to go to work.  I hope you all have lovely Fridays!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuff I Like

Sorry this is coming a day late this's been a busy one!

1. Something Borrowed

I FINALLY got around to reading  Something Borrowed and I confess, I didn't love it as much as most people did.  I liked it (which is why it made the list) but I didn't love it.  It was a quick and well written read with characters that were easy to relate to BUT I was the woman in the Chanel suit.  There was just something so distressing to me about a best friend and maid of honor that would have an affair with the bride-to-be's fiance.  Maybe it's because I have some absolutely amazing girlfriends or that I'm a hopeless romantic, but the whole concept was just completely wrong to me.   I don't want to ruin it for anyone that hasn't read it...but when you learn more about Rachel and Dex's history and Darcy's behavior at the very end, then I could sympathize with Rachel.  I definitely would have identified more if this had all been revealed earlier.  That said, it's still a great piece of chick lit and I do recommend reading it...and I'm really really excited to read Something Blue.  What can I say?  Darcy's my girl.

2. Kindle

I was a very lucky girl this parents' bought me a Kindle for my birthday!  I couldn't think of a more perfect present!  Trying to grab onto the subway poles with one hand and balance a big book in the other is a real challenge during my daily commute and the Kindle has completely solved this problem.  If you read my blog, you know I'm always traveling between NYC and either home or DC.  Never again do I have to worry about running out of reading material.  All I need to do is connect to the bus wifi and download something new.  I find I'm reading a lot faster when I use the Kindle and the type is surprisingly easy on the eyes.  Oh and if there are any Jane Austen fans out there, most of her books are available for free download right now.

3. Vera Bradley Kindle Case

I treated myself to this beautiful Vera Bradley eReader Sleeve with some of my birthday money.  Not only is it adorable, it's also surprisingly durable.  It's thick and sturdy so I don't have to worry about my Kindle getting bumped or scratched in my purse....but I do have to worry about my purse looking like a Vera explosion when my lunch box is in there too.

4. PINK Loves Major League Baseball

It's no secret that I love me some sports and I love me some Victoria's Secret.  Obviously, I am obsessed with the PINK Loves Major League Baseball collection.  I am the proud owner of the hoodie above thanks to my little sister...and yes the undies too...thanks to the Easter bunny haha.  Like I blogged about when they released their NFL collection, it's so hard to find sports team clothing that fits right and doesn't make you look like a man.  PINK is dead on with this collection and I've got my eye on some other shirts if they ever go on sale!  You should check out the collection and see if they have your favorite team.

5. Ice Cream Cakes

When I was home for the weekend we had an ice cream cake to celebrate my's tradition!  If you haven't had a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, stop reading this and go buy one.  What is more delicious than a layer of chocolate ice cream, a layer of fudge and chocolate cookies, and then a layer of vanilla ice cream...obviously nothing!  Now I want a piece haha

That's all for this week's edition of Stuff I Like.  I've got to head to bed since I'm waking up super early tomorrow for the Royal roommate and I will be up at 5 to watch everyone arrive at the church.  We've even bought cake and champagne for a little toast while we watch!  I'm going to try to get a blog up before I go to work so everyone who sleeps in can catch up on all the fun!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Blogger's Dilemma: To Share or Not to Share?


Sharing your life on the internet.  It seems to be a topic that's come up a lot in conversation lately...especially with all the smart phone drama.

How much is too much?  Look at someone's Facebook profile and you can tell their favorite musicians, movies, read their personal conversations, and see a plethora of their pictures.  Head over to Twitter, where we share sometimes funny, sometimes meaningless, and many times thought provoking bits of information.  Follow me on Foursquare and you know where I do my grocery shopping and what my favorite restaurants are.  Stop by OMG I Moved to NYC and you gain all sorts of insight into my love life, career, and the confusion of my early 20s.

Does the access to this personal information bother me?  Absolutely not.  I had a conversation with a co-worker today about my generation...our expectations of privacy are completely different from previous generations.  I like that my Droid keeps track of where I go since my apps can automatically recommend bars and restaurants based on my interests.  I love social media since sharing information makes me feel closer with friends that are far away.  I adore blogging since it serves so many purposes.  My mom might lecture me about providing too many details about my love life (so what if they read my blog?  If I'm saying something negative, they clearly weren't getting a second date anyway haha) but I like having an outlet for all my thoughts.  It's a nice way to keep friends and family up to date with my life and it's been an amazing way to connect with other bloggers that are having similar experiences.

But, where do we draw the line?  For me, I know family members, former teachers, and maybe even future employers read my social media or could stumble upon it in the future.  I keep it PG-13 and really think before I post content.  Sometimes there's a wild story I'd like to share but that goes in an email to the girls and not on the internet for the world to see

Now I'm curious fellow blogging ladies...where do you stand on the privacy debate?  How do you decide what to share, when to share it, and who to share it with?  Do you feel the same way as me or do you think some of the sharing needs to be toned down a bit?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer in the City

I know it's a little early for this list but given my tendency to procrastinate...I'm going to need an extra month to get it all done!  Summer is fast  approaching and I've got a ton of things I want to accomplish.  To make sure I get them all done, I'm launching a new series called Summer in the City.  Whenever I accomplish an item on the list, I'll post a little review and some pictures.  Hopefully it will help inspire you to make the most out of your summer as well!


1. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.
2. Go to a Mets game
3. Hit up the beaches in the Hamptons
4. Have cocktails at a rooftop bar
5. Eat at Eataly
6. Attend a free concert
7. Go to the Doughnut Plant
8. Spend a sunny afternoon at the Beer Garden
9. Have cocktails at Rink Bar
10. Visit the China Town Ice Cream Factory
11.Tour the Brooklyn Brewery
12. Go to the Boardy Barn
13. Go Mini Golfing on Randall's Island
14. Check out the graffiti museum
15. See Shakespeare in the Park
16. See the Book of Mormon
17. Eat at the America's Next Great Restaurant winner's restaurant
18. Attend the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic
19. Have disco brunch
20.Go to Carlo's Bakery from Cake Boss
21. Spend an afternoon at the High Line
22. Shop at the Brooklyn Flea Market
23. Go to a Warm Up party at PS 1
24. See fireworks
25. Host a lobster and margaritas dinner

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey, Soul Sister

Fresh Year of Life and I scored tickets to see Train last night at Webster Hall as part of Origin's Earth Month festivities.  It was such a fun time!

Opening act Treetop Flyers from the UK.  They were amazing and I highly recommend checking them out!

Does anyone else think the guy on the right looks like Howie Mandel?  Also Patrick has some serious man leggings action going on.

Before going to the concert, I had forgotten about a lot of the the songs that first made Train popular...after all, I was 8 when they started making music 15 years ago! haha  I was thrilled when they sang Meet Virginia.  I'm at this transient point in my life where I could relate to every single word of that song.  Everything from the silly "loves babies and surprises" to the more serious "pulls her hair back as she screams, I don't really want to live this life".  Those lyrics hit how I've been feeling lately right on the head.  I've been in a horrible rut and I feel like I'm going nowhere.  I desperately need a change and to shake things  up a bit.  I've got a few things in mind that could result in a new blog series so keep your eye out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stuff I Like

1. Sephora Sale

Sephora is having a very very rare sale and you better believe I am taking full advantage of it!  I read about it last week on Fantabulously Frugal NYC and I immediately ordered massive amounts of Bumble and Bumble hair products (hopefully they'll work out and will be featured on a list of their own soon!).  To get the deal you must be a Beauty Insider, Sephora's free rewards program, and then enter the code CHIC at check out for 15% off your order.  Happy shopping!!

2. Twitter Predictor

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed my obsession with "Yes, that can be my next Tweet" (thanks to The Bloggess for blogging about it).  It's been absolutely cracking me up!  A lot of times you get completely nonsensical results but sometimes you get gems like "that man's goatee is a ravenous beast" or "I love life...yeah I bought a middle name" or "orientation friends for $10?".  However my personal favorite result was Secret Lover's...I promise I am not making this up: "Desperately want a beautiful young man at low Even better idea...homemade poptarts!".  Oh boy hahaha  Anyone else get some crazy results from this thing?  Please share!

3. Express Tops

I am completely in love with these tops from much in fact that I own it in the color above and in leopard (I've been on an animal print kick lately, NO JUDGING).  I love them because they're great tucked into a mini skirt for a night out, perfect with a pair of skinny jeans for afternoon shopping, or they work underneath a blazer for the office.  You better believe I'll be buying them in some more colors in the very near future.  Did I mention they're buy one get one half off right now?  Amazing!

4. Kate Middleton For the Win

I am so glad Jbunny shared the Kate Middleton for the Win Tumblr earlier this week.  I'm ridiculously excited for the royal wedding and love all things Kate and Wills.  While I'm sure she is a lovely young lady, the snotty attitude of these pictures makes me giggle.

5. Working from Home

They were doing maintenance at my apartment yesterday so I was a lucky girl and got to work from home.  Something about being in yoga pants and a sweatshirt just made me a zillion times more productive...or maybe it was the latte and the extra 2 hours of sleep?  Either way it was a nice way to break up the week!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Birthday Shenanigans

I had the most perfect birthday weekend (ok, well it could have been even more perfect if my Gdub/DC family was here but it was pretty damn good).

My co-workers were so sweet to me!  There were several birthday songs (in English and in German), a delicious lunch with Fresh Year of Life, and adorable mini cupcakes.

Disregard my messy desk

Now you'll have to forgive me for being a terrible blogger...BUT I had a few too many of these....

....and didn't manage to take a single picture all night.  Hopefully my recap will give you a good enough idea!  The night started off with roommate dinner at Mojave and some very generous presents.  I am a lucky lady to live with these to girls!  Bear came over after dinner and we ventured out to Joshua Tree to rock out to some 80s music.  It was a ton of fun!

However, Bear and I should NEVER be allowed out unsupervised.  We somehow found ourselves alone with the NASCAR twins (as I have decided to call them) at the end of the night.  We were lured into getting pizza with one of their apartments...POOR CHOICES.  Things continued to deteriorate when we noticed this book on the coffee table and this song was the chosen mood music.  Clearly this was a sign to ABANDON SHIP...and secretly hope he calls since you know how much I love awkward situations.


Our lovely intern is returning to Germany soon so we had a delicious Moroccan dinner at Babouche.  That was quite the experience.  It was raining cats and dogs so I arrived looking like a drowned rat and to find out there was a wedding happening at the same time...and guess who the guest of honor at the wedding was?

It was Mr. Met!  So random to see him wandering around the restaurant and taking pictures with the bride and groom.  It was definitely an interesting night.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Silliness

I saw this ad recently and I thought it was hilarious!  I think we all have Facebook friends that fit these stereotypes.

Friday, April 15, 2011

DJ Bring It Back One Time Since It's My B-Day

After much deliberation over what was the most absurd birthday song I could post here, I discovered this little number.  What was Mike Jones thinking when he recorded this song!?  Serious consideration was also given to this song and this song but I think we can all agree that Mr. Jones is the clear winner.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stuff I Like

First of all, welcome to all my new followers!  I promise I'll be stopping by everyone's blogs and replying to comments tomorrow.   My computer crashed yesterday and after the very painful experience of wiping my hard drive clean, I'm finally back up and running.  So without further ado, here's this week's edition of Stuff I Like.

1. Skinny Taste

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to panic about bikini season.  I've been working a lot of crazy hours lately so it's meant no time for the gym.  To save myself from complete disaster, I've been taking full advantage of Gina's Skinny Recipes at  The recipes are not only healthy, but delicious and very easy to make.  Pictured above is her Carne Bistec recipe which I gave a try on was amazing!  Another one of my favorites is her Broccoli Cheese and Potato Soup.  Yum!

2. Heartsy

Any other Etsy fans out there?  Then you should check out Heartsy!  Heartsy is like a Groupon for Etsy stores.  They have a ton of amazing deals to chose from and they feature a wide variety of shops.  I'm looking forward to picking up some jewelry to spice up my Spring wardrobe in the very near future.

3. 90s Facebook Statuses

I've been reading Things 90s Kids Realize for a while and it just cracks me up.  These Facebook statuses are my favorite though!  There's just something hilarious about imagining how your favorite 90s characters would interact with each other.

6. Girl Scout Cookies

It's finally that time of the year...Girl Scout cookie time!  My two boxes arrived at the office today and I can't wait to dig into them.  While they do bring back slightly horrific memories of Camp Cookie (hey, I'm a girlie girl, under NO circumstances should I have been cleaning latrines, roasting hot dogs over a fire, or swimming in a scum filled lake) they're still the most delicious cookies ever made!  Personally, I'm obsessed with thin mints and do-si-dos.  What are your favorite Girl Scout cookies?


I adore everything about this video (and I adore Bryce for posting it on The Luxury Spot earlier this week).  I respect anyone clever enough to shoot a rogue music video on the subway...especially when it's the line I live on and it involves glitter.  And how impressive is their ability to dance on the subway?  I can barely stand up without losing my balance!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Two Tuesdays: Favorite Drinks

It's been far too long since I've linked up for a Top Two Tuesday!  This is clearly one of my favorite topics so I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to link up with Taylor.

1. Iced Grande Non-Fat Mochas
I cannot survive the day without a coffee fix...someone should just hook me up to an IV of this stuff.

2. Woo Woos
What is a Woo Woo  you ask?  Only one of the greatest summer cocktails ever created!  They're refreshing and fruity without being too sweet.  To make your very own Woo Woo mix one part peach schnapps, one part vodka, and two parts cranberry juice, garnish however you would like and enjoy!

What's your favorite summer cocktail?