Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy International Champagne Day!

October 28th is International Champagne Day.  I hope you're all celebrating with a glass or two of bubbly!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Ok

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber today for It's Ok Thursdays.  I haven't done this in a while and I always love this link up

Its Ok Thursdays

To be unable to resist a sale at the grocery store...who doesn't need 10 yogurts for $10?

To hit the snooze button once or twice...or three times in the morning

To own 20 pairs of shoes and still manage to wear the same pair almost every day

To always keep your toes painted even when it's too cold for open toed shoes

To sing too loudly in the shower

To dance down the hallway when no one else is looking

To be reading 2 books at the same time

To talk to your pets like they're people

To hoard the best flavored K cups in your desk drawer...the good ones run out fast in the office!

To already be thinking about ordering Christmas cards and presents

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stuff I Like

Before I do all need to click here and get your $25 for $50 worth of Erin Condren products deal.  I have been absolutely DYING for one of her planners and now I can finally buy one without feeling guilty!  They also have all kinds of adorable address labels, Christmas cards, calendars, and pretty much any type of stationary products you could ever want.

But now, onto Stuff I Like (I'm sure the planner will be added to the list as soon as I get it!)

1. Hocus Pocus
It doesn't feel like Halloween unless I've watched Hocus Pocus.  It's an absolutely classic movie and even though I've probably seen it 50 times, I always love it!  It brings me back to my days as a 12 year old when I had a serious crush on Binx...even though he was in the movie for a whole 5 seconds before being turned into a cat.  It's fine.

2. Barista Room for Cream
I won a Barista Bath and Body giveaway a few weeks ago and my favorite product is the Room for Cream lotion.  It's a nice light lotion that doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy.  I've only been using it for about a week and it's already made my skin feel a lot softer.  Plus, it smells pretty good too!

3. Earthbound Farm Fresh Herb Salad
I bring a salad to work every day to have with my sandwich, soup, or whatever leftovers I've packed for lunch that day.  I was getting bored with a plain old salad so I picked up an Earthbound Farm's Fresh Herb Salad recently.  It is delicious!  Mixed in with the salad are bits of cilantro and dill.  It gives the salad a great flavor.

4. On A Clear Day

I'm always looking for a way to get my skin under control and I recently decided to try out Philosophy's On a Clear Day.  I really love this product.  It's definitely been clearing my skin up and the step by step program is easy to follow.  I recommend buying the travel size to start off since the products can be very drying.  You don't want to buy the full set if you find out it doesn't work for your skin type.  Also, the box comes with a warning that it will take 4 weeks to see results.  I started noticing a difference after about 3 weeks so don't get discourage if it takes a few weeks to kick in!

5. Blogger Blitz

I was lucky enough to meet {AV} at Long Distance Loving back in May when she organized a NYC Blogger Meetup.  Well she's done it again and put together Blogger Blitz!  I love these blogger events since it's such a great way to share ideas, meet new people, and learn from more successful bloggers.  I've already signed up for the DC event and the tickets are going fast.  Get yours today!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall TV Favorites

So if you follow me on Twitter, you know I'm going through a bit of a rough patch right now.  I'm not quite ready to blog about it yet but I'm hoping to work up the strength soon.  Eventually, I think writing about it will make me feel better.

Until then, I'm going to keep things light!  My new roommate has a TiVo and it is letting me rediscover my love of prime time television.  Here are my five favorite Fall shows.

1. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is hands down my favorite show of the Fall!  Yes, it's cheesy.  Yes, the acting isn't very good.  Yes, the town of Bluebell is completely ridiculous.  And those are all the reasons I love it!  It's such a light hearted, feel good show and it always puts a smile on my face.

2. New Girl
New Girl is another show that makes me giggle.  I love the dynamics between the characters, all of the jokes, and Zoey Deschanel's antics.  This is one show I can definitely see sticking around for quite a few seasons.

3. Walking Dead

I enjoy Walking Dead since it's completely different from most programs you see on TV.  I mean, how many shows are there about zombies?  The thing I like best though is the relationships amongst the characters and how they band together to fight for their survival.  While watching the new season though, it became very obvious that I missed a few episodes last season.  For some reason I was convinced the episode where they find the CDC office was the finale...which was very wrong.  I'm going to have to catch up on what I've missed so the new season makes more sense.

4. Pan Am
I admit, I've only seen one episode of Pan Am so far...but I am hooked!  Who doesn't love a good drama with catty backstabbing?  Also, I love all the fashion!  I think it's safe to say that I'll be spending my Saturday catching up on all the episodes they've already shown this season.

5. Modern Family
My roommate and I have started watching Modern Family together and it cracks me up!  Seriously, this show is hilarious and how can you not relate to a crazy family?  Everyone has one of those, right?

And maybe....

6. Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time is still a maybe at this point.  I enjoyed the season premiere and I think it has real potential to be a great show.  However, I'm a little concerned that they'll run out of storylines as the season goes on.  I've got my fingers crossed that this keeps being as good as the first episode.

What are you watching this Fall?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We spent our weekend down in Charlottesville for the UVA/NC State football game.  It was both my first time at a state school and my first time at a college football game.  I had a ton of fun!  It was so nice just to get away from the city for a few days, laugh a lot with the crew, and enjoy the fall weather.  Sadly, UVA lost but we were kinda expecting that.

If you haven't been to Charlottesville, it's a great place for a little weekend trip.  There are so many adorable cafes, restaurants, and shops.  We had a delicious brunch at Siips.  It's a wine and champagne bar that has a real homey feel...some of the tables even have arm chairs and couches.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was having the chance to see all the fall colors.  The drive home was just beautiful!  The fall leaves were always one of my favorite parts of growing up in New England so it's always nice to have a chance to see them.

In other news, Rich Kid has made a surprising reappearance into my life.  Now I know the sensible thing to do is yell "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!" and run the other way immediately.  But come on people, when do I ever do the sensible thing?  I know he'll probably stick around for a couple of weeks and then fall off the face of the earth again but homeboy is both a bro and ridiculously good looking.  I never stood a chance haha

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My New Place!

So I'm finally unpacked enough to share some pictures of my new place!  For now I'm only going to post pictures of my bedroom...I don't want to attract any internet stalkers/robbers by posting pictures of everything. haha  Don't judge the fact that I haven't bought anything to hang on my walls yet (or the outrageous amount of Vera Bradley scattered around my room).  That's next on the list.  Any decorating suggestions are more than welcome!!

I built this all by myself...which you probably already figured out since it's all tilted haha.  I've got my fingers crossed that it doesn't fall apart on me.

Giant closet and door to the bathroom

I couldn't resist sharing a picture of my shower curtain....I think it's adorable!

This is my favorite part about the bathroom...a huge vanity for all my makeup!

While I'm sharing pictures...I've had some requests for pictures of the oreo pumpkin cheesecakes I made.  Here you go!  Click here for the recipe.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stuff I Like

1. Pumpkin Sage Pasta Sauce
I had some leftover canned pumpkin from the pumpkin oreo cheesecake so I decided to put it to use as a pasta sauce!  It was such a great (and healthy) fall treat.  You can find the recipe for the Pumpkin Sage Pasta Sauce here.  The recipe calls for 16 sage leaves which is just ridiculous.  I used 5 or 6 and that was still a little much.  I think 3 or 4 would be plenty.  I also subbed the heavy cream for milk to make the recipe a little makes the sauce thinner but I still enjoyed it.

2. Shirred Long Sleeve Dress

I picked up this dress from Express over the weekend and I LOVE it!  It's dressy enough for the office and trendy enough to transition perfectly to happy hour or a night out.  Plus, it is super super comfortable.  It's pretty form fitting though.  I usually wear a small or a medium.  I opted for the larger size which keeps all my trouble spots hidden but doesn't look sloppy.

3. Do Not Reply

One of my coworkers sent the website Do Not Reply to me yesterday.  OMG, I have never laughed so hard at a website before.  Clumsy Seller is my favorite one so far.  Seriously...go read it now.  It'll make you giggle.

4. Country Apple Body Wash

I am on a total fall kick this week and the Country Apple Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works has been bringing a smile to my face every morning.  It smells like fall and puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day!

5. 6am Work Outs

I've gotten back into my 6am workout routine this week and I don't know how I lived without it for so long!  It gives me a great boost of energy to help me get through the day and really helps me keep a relaxed and positive attitude.  I'm going to try my best to keep it up throughout the fall!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up


On Friday night it was my turn to cover any of the last minute jobs that come through from our LA office.  I had a very exciting night and hung out with my laptop and some Tivo.  It wasn't so bad though since I had a chance to make these babies:

Shari featured these Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecakes from Inside BruCrew Life on Friday and I spent the whole day thinking about making them.  They were super easy and delicious.  I think I'm going to make them as a little Halloween treat for my coworkers.


After buying Wes, we headed to the Taste of Georgetown (you might remember my post about it from last was just as much fun the second time around!).  Taste of Georgetown combined all of my favorite things: gorgeous fall weather, friends, and lots of delicious food!  We opted for the 5 tickets for $20 option and tried 5 different dishes from 5 different restaurants.

1. Filomena: Beef Brisket Tortelloni with a Pine Nut, Sage & Crimini Mushroom Sauce
2. 1789: Lamb Sausage with Lentils and Swiss Chard
3. Rugby Cafe: Macaroni and Cheese
4. Sequoia: Tenderloin Skewers

Just like last year, the Beef Brisket Tortelloni was the clear favorite food of the day.  And the day wouldn't have been complete without a little dessert...

Frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity!  Secret Lover and I ordered our frozen hot chocolates at the same time and we were once again mistaken for a couple.  While we were waiting he turned to me and exclaimed "OMG we are so totally ordering the $1,000 ice cream sundae for Christmas...want to do it?  Let's do it!!".  The woman behind the table would not stop winking at me afterwards...calm down lady...there is definitely not going to be an engagement in our future.


Rach and I headed to our new football spot, Murphys, nice and early to enjoy their champagne brunch.  We each had 4 glasses of champagne and giant plates of food....for $14 each....that's right $14!

I just love watching the game at Murphys.  Nowhere else in VA can you hear someone yell out "I LOVE YOU WELKAH!!!" after Wes WelkER scores a touchdown.  People are starting to recognize us a bit now and they came over the introduced themselves.  It's a nice little community.

One of the most exciting parts of Sunday was having my friend D and her boyfriend meet us.  D and I were best friends until we ended up at different high schools.  By pure coincidence we both live in VA now and were able to get together for the first time in 9 years!  I felt like no time had passed at all and it was wonderful to catch up.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of her!

I hope you all had fabulous weekends as well!