Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up


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I started my weekend on a Thursday again and met the girls for happy hour.  We tried to go the The Hamilton (a restaurant that's open 24/7!) but it was so packed we decided to head over to Rosa Mexicano for margaritas.  After happy hour we decided to stay and have dinner.  I had the most delicious lamb tacos that I recommend trying if you ever visit the restaurant.


I met Rach after work for martinis at Local 16...they're just $5 during happy hour which lasts until 8pm!  I had every intention of calling it a night early and was on my way home when one of my guy friends texted me that he was heading to Murphy's.  I clearly never pass up a chance to go there and immediately  headed over.  It ended up being such a fun night and I'm glad I went out!  Nothing beats a few beers and live Irish music!


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On Saturday afternoon, I met up with my friend T and some of the other members of the Murphy's crew for the Secret Service v. FBI hockey game.  Sadly, it sold out minutes before we got in line to buy our tickets and we weren't able to guess where we went instead?  That's right, we went to Murphy's!  It really is my favorite bar in the DC area.

After that, I went to my friend Tim's birthday party at Churchkey.  It was my first time there but I'd heard so many good things about it that I was really excited to go.  The atmosphere was really laid back, the music was amazing, and the crowd was fun.  Plus, they have a delicious and extensive beer and cocktail menu.


I put on my big girl pants today and filed my own taxes for the first time ever!  My mom has always filed them for me but this year I wanted to try to do it on my own.  It was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  Afterwards I cooked up this delicious BBQ Chicken Quinoa recipe that Caitlin over at Southern Curls & Pearls shared.  I had some for dinner and plan on bringing the rest for lunches this week.

I hope you all had great weekends too!


  1. I started filing my own taxes at turbotax online and they make it SO easy! If it wasn't for them there is no way I couldn't do it! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. mmm a margarita sounds phenoms right now! and funny story: my hubs has his degree in finance and mine is in PR/marketing... in our nearly 5 years of marriage I'm the one who has done our taxes year after year!