Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Balancing Act

Do you ever feel like you're precariously balancing all the areas of your life?  That's how I'm feeling lately.  Between juggling clawing my way up the corporate ladder work, the boyfriend, friends, and trying to squeeze a little me time in there...there's not a whole lot of time for anything else.  I'm constantly making trade offs.  Should I blog today or go to the gym?  Do I have time to clean the kitchen or do my laundy?  I'd love to meet you for brunch but the next Sunday I'm free is three weeks from now.

I know you bloggy ladies all keep very busy schedules as well.  How do you fit everything in?  What do you prioritize the most and what are you willing to make trade offs on?  What do you do to stay connected with friends during weeks you don't have time to hang out?


  1. It's hard..it really is!! Sometimes it just comes down to being selfish and enjoying what YOU want to do in that very second!

  2. I think for me, at the moment, I am quite lucky in that I can squeeze blogging into my day - during work hours when there is not too much going on. But, otherwise I go home and the first thing I do is devote an hour or so to my blog and visiting other blogs etc.

    As for everything else? Prioritising is key and some things have got to give, unfortunately. Try make time for friends and family, they are the most important. Even if it's just a text message or a quick email (which is what I do a lot) Just something small saying hi, how are you, life is manic but just thought I'd say hi kind've thing. So you don't feel like the world's worst friend (again, guilty of feeling this a lot!)

    Good luck!


  3. I tend to just slow down when I get overwhelmed and make sure I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. The things that are most important will be right there in front of me and I will handle them as I go. The other things - like my pile of laundry - aren't going to go away, but they're not at the burning point yet so they filter themselves out of the equation. And every now and then I just let everything go and rest instead of doing anything else. It works for me!