Friday, March 30, 2012

Journey Forward (7)

I'm a day late with my Journey Forward post this week...ooops!  It's been a busy one at the office and my roommate's sweet friend and her adorable 3 year old daughter are staying with us.  I've been spending my free time visting with them (and playing my little ponies) instead of blogging.

This week's topic is to write about your role model or the spokesperson for your word.  My word is grow and I can't think of anyone better than Professor Clark to serve as a role model for it.

Professor Clark was always an inspiration to me.  She's worked tirelessly to promote human rights issues with a particular focus on ending human trafficking.  She taught the best three course I took at GW (Human Trafficking, Women in Global Politics, and Dissent through Memoir).  Her class discussions and readings forced you to think critically about political and human rights issues that are not typically raised in other classrooms.  Her lessons were personalized and included keeping journals on our reactions to the issues and topics we discussed in class.  Those journals helped me explore and grow academically in ways no other class ever did.

More importantly, she encouraged us all to grow from the lessons we learned in her classroom.  When a small group on students in our class on human trafficking wanted to start an anti-trafficking advocacy group on campus, she was our biggest cheerleader and our biggest resource.  She would help us line up speakers, fine tune ideas, and organize events to fundraise for local shelters, but she never tried to take over and the final products were always our own.  She truly taught us how to grow into leaders and overcome new and challenging tasks.


  1. Great post, Leanna!!
    She sounds like an amazing, powerful lady!! So happy you got to know her :)

  2. Great role-model Leanna. The best professors/ teachers I had growing up were the ones that were passionate and urged us all to grow and become better versions of ourselves, and become better, more responsible human beings.