Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making the Best of Things

A few weeks ago, I met an elderly man on the metro.  He wasn't entirely sure where he was going so I gave him directions and we struck up a conversation.  Before he got off the train, he looked at me and said "Have a wonderful day...enjoy every minute of it".

I had not been having the best day.  I overslept and didn't have time to make a cup of coffee, I forgot my lunch on the kitchen counter, and my work Blackberry was already going crazy with emails.  His words made me rethink my attitude about the day.  I didn't get my cup of coffee but I did enjoy that extra half hour of sleep.  Forgetting my lunch meant I got to treat myself to a delicious lunch at Roti with a good friend.  My work day was going to be busy but, having a full day is much better than having a slow and boring day.

I bump into the old man every so often during my morning commute and I'm always reminded of his words.  Whenever something annoying or frustrating happens, I try to find one good aspect of the situation and focus on that.  It really makes the day much more pleasant.

What are some negative situations that you've found positive in?


  1. I love this! Such a great and wonderful reminder :)

  2. Great post. I love being around optimistic people. Where I find myself doing this the most is when working out. If I'm in pain and want to stop I think about how good I'm going to feel and look when I'm done.

  3. sounds like words of wisdom..
    attitudes are more important than facts!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    hope you enjoy ALL of today!