Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up


I feel like I should just start skipping my Friday night re-cap since it's always the same...I hit up Murphy's as usual.  It's getting to the point where the servers know me, the bouncers don't card me, and the singers tease me.  This week was a little different though since I finally had the chance to introduce my Murphy's friends to some of my college friends.  Introducing the two groups worked out great!  We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun listen to the music.  I'm already getting ridiculously excited for St. Patty's Day there!


On Saturday I went to a friend's birthday party and she cooked a delicious Julia Child's meal.  I got to meet her roommates and a few of her friends for the first time and they were all lovely.  I always think it's fun to meet new people.  I was completely exhausted from Friday night (and the 2 glasses of red wine didn't help either haha) so I called it a night after dinner.  I'm seriously starting to wonder what's gotten into me.  Skipping going to the bar??  That is so not me!


In keeping with the I am turning into a boring old lady theme, the highlight of Sunday was going out and buying an immersion blender.  I then cooked up a batch of homemade cauliflower soup (recipe here).  I love soup but the stuff from the can never quite cuts it for me.  The immersion blender lets me make delicious, hearty, and creamy soups at home.  I can't recommend getting one enough!

My week is going to be wazy (way+crazy...I'm determined to make this word catch on.  My friends like to tell me I'm being like Gretchen Wieners and it's almost as bad as fetch.  Help me prove them wrong!). My boss is on vacation so I'm covering for her, plus managing my normal work load.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get through this one!

How were your weekends?


  1. I love me a good Irish pub! Do they have old-school darts?

  2. Oh wow I bet taht cauliflower soup as awesome. I'm on a big cauliflower soup kick lately.

  3. ha, I can totally see myself using wazy. I have am immersion blender, but I always seem to make a mess when I use it.