Thursday, April 5, 2012

Journey Forward (8)

This week's Journey Forward topic is to share pictures from our Journey Forward boards on Pinterest.  This was a little tricky for me since I've mostly been pinning quotes, but I feel as though I've also found some great images that embody my word, grow.

I love this picture since it emphasizes the precarious nature of growing.  There are going to be twist and turns and at times the process is going to feel unstable but in the end, you will thrive.

The endlessness of the ocean and the beautiful colors captured in this picture remind me of all the possibilities growing opens up for me.

The idea of traveling towards my goals, leaving old behaviors behind and embracing new ones, is an important part of my journey this year.

To me, all the different colors on this flower represent all the different pieces that must come together during growth in any area of my life.

I couldn't resist included one picture with words.  There's no way I can grow and explore new areas of my life without being curious about the world around me.  I think it's an important thing to remember.


  1. Your pictures made me smile. I love that beach scene so much and the idea of taking a nice little vacation right now sounds like heaven!

  2. That herb planter is fabulous, I love all the different textures together.

  3. That ocean scene is gorgeous! Stopping by from the link-up. My one word is grow too.

  4. Love the photo of the ocean... I feel you on that one because the ocean is so mysterious and endless, it feels as if anything is possible when you are by the sea.

    Also love the passport pic with the aviators! (prob just because I love aviators so much--my sister always tells me i look like an idiot in them--but I dont listen lol) I can't wait until i can travel one day!