Thursday, April 12, 2012

Journey Forward (9)

This week we are recapping our progress so far on Journey Forward.  I'm going to start by reviewing the goals I set on Week 4.

1. Pay Off My Credit Card Debt...and Don't Accumulate More: This is going pretty well.  Everything will be paid off as soon as I receive my tax return.  I occasionally find myself putting a brunch or new dress on my card...but I'm not doing it anywhere near as often as I used to.
2. Be A Better Friend: I started off strong with this one.  I sent emails and letters to a few friends who I was starting to lose touch with but, I wasn't good about keeping up with it after that original email blast.  This is a goal I need to keep working on.
3. Read More: I'm trying to read 20 books in 2012.  Goodreads has informed me that I'm three books ahead of schedule!
4. Become a Better Conversationalist: This one is still a work in progress.  My boyfriend has started introducing me to his friends and I am secretly practicing this goal on them (shhhhh don't tell!).  The conversations are flowing better but, I still find myself running out of small talk topics and then the awkward pauses set in.
5. Stop Procrastinating: On a whole, I'm procrastinating less.  I'm leaving clothes that need to be folded in my laundry basket for 1 day instead of 4, I'm sending out thank you notes within a few days of receiving a gift instead of weeks after, and I'm unpacking suitcases and shopping bags within 24 hours of bringing them home.  There have still been weeks when life gets busy and these tasks get procrastinated but it's happening a lot less.

All in all I think I'm making great progress towards my goals.  There are areas I still need to work on but you can't change all your behaviors and habits overnight!

Next, I wanted to discuss my definition of the word grow that I set out in Week 1.  My personal growth is centered around these three areas: trying new things, developing new aspects of my personality, and leaving behind old behaviors that aren't working for me anymore.  Here's what I've been doing to work towards my definition of growing.

1. Try New Things/Develop New Aspects of my Personality: I think these items go hand in hand.  Trying new things is allowing me to develop new interests and aspects of my personality.  I've joined a bocce league for the Spring.  I've only played bocce a few times but I always had fun.  I thought it could be a new hobby and a great way to meet some new people!  I've also applied and been accepted to the Junior League's 2012-2013 New Member Class.  I'm looking forward to becoming active in their volunteer work, attending their personal/professional development events, and meeting the other women in the League.  I think both of these are great opportunities for growth.

2. Leaving Behind Old Behaviors: Finding out what needs to be cut out has been a little bit trickier.  Procrastinating has been the first thing to go and it's made me feel a lot more in control of my schedule. I've also started to cut back on my partying.  I still go out with the girls but I've been cutting back on the amount of's so much better when you can get up and be productive on a Saturday morning instead of spending the day nursing a hangover.  I've also put an end to my serial dating days.  There's no need to have 3 guys in the picture at great one is more than enough.


  1. Wow, Leanna, it sounds like you are making AMAZING progress ... considering it's only 4 weeks since you set out your goals.

    Good job on starting to get out there and talk to people, and signing up for new sports (what is bocce?) etc. It is really brave and I don't think people often realise how much courage it takes to try something new on your own, without knowing anyone.

    It sounds like you are well on your way on your journey - good luck!!

  2. It sounds like you're making serious strides! Keep up the good work, girl!!

  3. I'm impressed that you are paying off all your credit card debt. That is such a hard thing to do on one income. It also sounds like you are "growing up" with your choices. Not that we don't all enjoy a good night out, but you are right that it's nice to wake up feeling good about yourself on Saturday morning too!

  4. Those are some serious goals that you have done some giant leaps of success on congratulations!!

  5. These are great goals. It sounds like you have a great plan to achieve all of these and more. Good luck!!

  6. Yay!! It sounds like you are really making some awesome progress! I know the hardest part of keeping on track with your goals is the perseverance. Sometimes it's easy and exciting at the beginning, but sticking with it can be the hard part. Seems like you're doing great though! Happy for you :)