Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up


This little kid's face paired with the Angry Bird pretty much describes how I felt on Friday.  I dragged my butt out of bed at 4:45am to begin the trek to Baltimore for my flight home for Easter.  By the time I made it through the metro and bus ride to the airport, I needed a cup of coffee so badly I was like a crazed monster.  I was practically breathing fire at all the tourists and families that got in my way as I sprinted...that's right actually sprinted...through both terminal A and B to reach the one Starbucks.  I then stared menacingly at the woman in front of me as she struggled to decide what type of coffee to order.  Finally, I was reunited with my one true love, Venti Iced Hazelnut Coffee, and all was well in the world.  I spent the rest of the day working from the couch at my mom's house and having a little visit with her...a rough morning turned into a great day!


One of my absolute best friends had a get together at her house on Saturday.  It was nice to have some girl talk and catch up on each other's lives.  As the night went on, a whole bunch of high school friends showed up.  I hadn't seen a lot of them in about 5 years so it was a lot of fun to hear what everyone has been up to.


On Sunday we had Easter dinner at my house with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  One of my aunts brought adorable personalized Easter eggs for everyone.  That's mine above.  It's the Washington Monument surrounded by cherry was perfect!

Since my birthday is April 15th and my grandfather's is April 16th, it's our tradition to celebrate together on Easter.  It's always special to share a birthday cake!

How did you spend your Easter?


  1. Morning flights are the Worst!! I always feel so sick on them. Glad you had a fun weekend with the fam.

  2. happy early birthday! fun you got to celebrate with your gpa!

  3. sounds like a great birthday and getting to celebrate your birthday early and with your gpa is extra special. i think the traditions are why i like holidays so much

  4. Looks like a beautiful Easter celebration :) Happy (early) bday! Any fun plans??
    Glad you got to spend it how you like to! ox
    I was at my mom's house with family - about 15 of us :) Great time!!