Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stuff I Like

1. Express Striped Ruched Racerback Dress

I bought this dress at Express a few weeks ago and I finally had the chance to wear it over the weekend.  It was super comfortable and I love how the color and style works for both day or night.  They have it in a variety of colors and I definitely recommend checking it out!

2. Blates

I love meeting fellow bloggers so I was thrilled to have lunch with Becca from Oh the Places You'll Go last week.  We've been emailing, commenting on each other's posts, and exchanging letters for quite a while now and it was wonderful to finally meet in person!  We shared some great conversation and lots of laughs.

3. Chef Geoff's

via Yelp
I've been meaning to check out Chef Geoff's for a while now and my friend C and I finally went for happy hour on Monday.  I think this is going to become one of my new favorite happy hour spots!  Their happy hour lasts all day Saturdays-Tuesdays and features $5 glasses of sangria, $5 burgers, and $8 really can't beat getting such delicious food for such a low price!

4. Chromeo "Bonafied Lovin"

It's no secret I love music you can dance to.  This song came up on my Pandora yesterday and it had me dancing in my chair.  Give it a listen and I'm sure you'll love it too!

5. Jaleo

I'll be honest, I was never a big fan of Jaleo before they redid the menu but I visited the restaurant for dinner last night and I was blown away.  We went for a work dinner and probably ordered 20 tapas to split amongst the table and everything was delicious.  My personal favorites were the croquetas, shrimp, and the mussels.  One of my favorite parts of the remodel at Jaleo is that the large group tables are glass covered fooseball tables!  We had an intense tournament going on in between courses.


  1. No Chef Geoff's Happy Hour is complete without a SuperMug!

  2. Aww that's so cool you met a bloggy friend!! YAY :) I haven't done that yet! Do you girls live super close or close enough? ox

  3. I've heard Chef Geoff's was great but, again, have never been. You are hitting all of these places and convincing me I really do need to go :)

  4. Aww, a blate! I love them - they're so fun! And that dress is really adorable.

  5. I was in DC earlier this week and went to the Jaleo in Crystal City! Loved it! Their sangria was fabulous!

  6. it's so much fun to finally meet a blogger-- i wish when we met briefly back in NY last summer, it was for much longer because i remember thinking of everyone, you were the person that I seemed to want to know better :)

    someday we'll do it again better!