Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cubicle Chronicles

My department recently moved floors and I'm sitting in a cubicle for the first time since I started working (even with my internships, I've always been in a shared office or behind a reception desk) and it's definitely an adjustment...not a bad adjustment but an adjustment nonetheless.  There's more background noise and I can't just turn to my right anymore to tell my coworkers a funny story.  

However, I now have MASSIVE amounts of space all to myself.  Obviously my first thought has been how to decorate.  Here are some items on my wish list:

Stockholm Storage Boxes
Black and Pool Mini Dot Pinboards
Rustic Cottage Frames
My cubicle wouldn't be complete with out some Pats gear!
I had an African Violet at my previous job and it seemed to do well inside but it only bloomed once.  Anyone have a suggestion about a good flowering plant to buy?

I think there will also be a decent amount of shenanigans in our cubicles which I'm excited about...yesterday we built a fort...it's fine.

What kind of office environment do you work in?  How do you put some personality into it?


  1. Did you really build a fort? Hahah...I love it!!! :)

    It's just me & one other lady that share an office...we have some flowers & lots of snacks ;) Oh and the very best pens!

  2. I would give you a suggestion on the plant, but my thumb is definitely not green, so I'll pass on that.
    I'm sure you'll have fun decorating, though! It's gotta be nice to have that space to work with!

  3. I've never done the cubicle thing... but I did just move from an office to a reception desk, which was a VERY strange move.

    I vote cubicle fort :)

  4. Being in a construction trailer/site environment is amazing. Extremely casual and a LOT of people watching out of every window. Keeps me entertained! Haha

  5. I've been in a cube for the last five years. I now have a much bigger and private cube than I began in years ago. Cubes are dangerous because they give the illusion of privacy when in reality you have zero. Yes I can hear your conversation about the metro employee who you went out with last weekend...

  6. I also loved my cubicle, seemed way more private :)