Tuesday, June 26, 2012

iPod Cases

I can be cheap about certain things...a new Lilly dress?  I'll take two.  $12 cocktails at Lincoln?  I'll take three.  Venti Iced coffees from Starbucks?  Yes please!  But, my six year old iPod cases that is literally falling apart at the seams?  No, I definitely don't need to spend the money to replace that.

Well friends, I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that it has got to go.  I mean, look at this thing:

I'm having trouble deciding what to replace it with though.  There's the Vera Bradley Tech Case but it's not convenient to change songs when your iPod is zipped up inside something.

Then there are the Shades cases but with a black iPod the colors are going to appear drab.

There are so many fun cases out there for iPhones so it's a little disappointing that similar options don't exist for iPods.  Does anyone have any suggestions for good iPod cases or an opinion on the two above?


  1. Not the Vera one (I know how much you probably love it) b/c it's so impractical. Don't they still have the same ones as your old one? I always like to replace things I love with the exact same thing, but newer lol :)

  2. You love that vera bradley - you should prob go with it because you know you will love it

  3. You know I totally don't feel as bad now, because my ipod case looks just like yours! I have an easy time spending $ on some things - others not so much. I'd start looking on ebay or amazon. You may find one you did't know you liked and for super cheap!

  4. Tim bought me a new iPod this year because my old one died. He said it was soooo hard to find a case for it. He knew I would need one because I throw mine in my purse and it can get pretty banged up in there. The one he got me is called iSkin and it's awesome. It totally protects the ipod and comes in cool colors.

  5. I have an iPod like you do and unfortunately never had a case I liked for it. I usually store mine in the Vera Bradley case and then take it out when I run! I hope you find something you like :)

  6. Well, I've to admire the fact that you can use iPod covers or cases for that long. Most of us just get new one after a few months. You should now get a custom iPod case from online store like http://www.wrappz.com/. You would be at least happy with its design.