Friday, June 1, 2012

Life Lately

So I've done some much needed unplugging over the past few days but I'm BAAAAACK.  Here's what's been going on in my life.


On Saturday we got all fancy and went to the Brightest Young Things' Zou Bisou Bisou party at the French Embassy!  It was kind of amazing.  The party featured both an indoor and outdoor dance floor, a French variety show, a photobooth (the picture above is from the photobooth), and signature St-Germain cocktails.  I think my favorite part of the night was the decor.  The outdoor fountain was covered in beautiful red and white candles and the whole outdoor space was surrounded in tiny strings of red and white lights.  It created the perfect atmosphere!


On Sunday, I hosted my Memorial Day Weekend party and had the crew over for a variety of sliders, plenty of beer, and frozen margaritas from my Frozen Margarita Concoction Maker!  It was the first time I'd entertained for such a large number of people but everything turned out great.

Are there any other New Girl fans out there?  After we ate, we totally played a few rounds of True American.  It is the GREATEST drinking game ever invented.  We didn't know enough American history trivia so after one round, we switched to regular trivia.  It was even more fun playing that way.


On Monday I was the very unfortunate victim of a completely out of the blue text message break up.  I kinda feel that almost 5 months of dating is worthy of a phone call at the very least...oh well.  I could not believe how fast my 4 best girlfriends mobilized and got to the bar with me.  You need girlfriends like that...who agree to bar hop at 4pm on a Monday, who don't judge as you cry into your tequila shot, and who gently forcefully stop you from following a random stranger onto his yacht because it's still a little too soon for that nonsense.

Luckily, I was already headed home this week for my little sister's high school graduation.  It's been the perfect place to collect my thoughts and just get away from everything.

I promise I'll be back to a more regular blogging schedule next week!


  1. Awww darling, that last part is awful! And by awful I mean totally @$$hole-ish! But I suppose he did you a favour if that's the kinda guy he is? You'll be fine though bc you're pretty damn awesome & it's summer! Xo

  2. Wow....all I have to say is, you are obviously WAY better off without that jerk. What guy, who is above his teenage years, does that?? Seriously, you deserve MUCH better than that and I'm sure that you will find someone who is not a douche like that guy!
    Enjoy your time with family (and friends)! And be THANKFUL that this ass is out of your life!

  3. Sorry your great weekend ended so badly! I once had an IM break up so I kind of know how much that sucks, but better to find out now. Have a great weekend!

  4. WHAT!!!!!!!! What a jerk. You deserve WAY BETTER!!! That makes me, seriously?! He can't grab the phone? Hugs. How are you doing with ok?? <3

  5. You look like you like to have a great time. That's good. Life should include fun in it. I know I try not to deny myself of it.