Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stuff I Like

1. Happy Hour at the Ritz
The Ritz Carlton's summer cocktail menu features boozy snow cones and they are a must try!  At $14 a pop, they're a bit pricey but they're a fun afterwork treat.  I opted for the lemonade thyme snow cone and it was delicious!

2. Hatfields & McCoys

This little lady was stuck waiting for some work documents to be finalized until 3:30am on Tuesday and it gave me the perfect opportunity to finish watching the Hatfields & McCoys.  Did anyone else watch it?  I thought the acting was fantastic and the story was interesting!  I'm definitely going to be adding some books about these two families to my summer reading list.

3. Color Club Disco Nap Nail Polish

My friend T lent me her Color Club Disco Nap nail polish a couple of weeks ago and I aboslutely love it!  I've been rocking it on my toes and the metallic gold looks great in a pair of open toed shoes.

4. Crowdtap Rewards

Are you a member of Crowdtap?  If not, I recommend signing up!  Not only is it a fun way to interact with brands and sample new products, they also offer great rewards.  I'm going to cash in my first batch of points for an Amazon gift card and I'm excited to use it to stock my Kindle with summer reading!

5. Alloy

I used to order clothes from Alloy in high school and then completely forgot about the catalogue until a few weeks ago when Alyx at Every Day is a New Adventure blogged about an awesome pair of jeans she scored there.  While all of Alloy's clothes aren't age appropriate, their jeans are FANTASTIC!  I ordered a pair recently and I'm really happy with them!  Plus they're affordable AND they come in long can't beat that!


  1. I love my alloy jeans! I put them on last week and was amazed by how long they are!! Glad you were able to score a pair, too!!
    And holy cow, that boozy snow cone is HUGE!!!

  2. I mean the boozy snowcone actually sounds worth $14. Awesome.

  3. I forgot all about Alloy. And then it made me remember Delias. Haha! I could take a boozy snowcone right about now! I missed the first Hatfields & McCoys. The second and third are on my TiVo, but I can't watch them! I hope they rerun soon.