Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up


Friday night we celebrated our friend A's birthday at the Bruce Springsteen concert.  I don't know a ton of Bruce's music but I enjoyed myself!  He put on a great show and the crowd was really into it.  We snuck out during the encore to get on the metro before the crowd and headed over to Murphy's.  Rach and I were both exhausted from our crazy work weeks and we kept it pretty low key but it was nice to chat!


Saturday was our end of the season bocce party down at Yard's Park...we had so much fun!  It was so great to see everyone, enjoy a few drinks, and play a few rounds of bocce.  Plus, the weather was absolutely PERFECT on Saturday.

Rach and I snuck out a little early again (it seemed to be our theme for the weekend haha) and headed to Old Town Alexandria for sushi at Ichiban.  We'd walked by the place a few times before but had never tried it.  The food was delicious and decently priced.

Once dinner was over, the whole bocce crew (plus a few of our Murphy's favorites) met us at Murphy's...and things got crazy.  We met a guy who looked like the Geico Caveman who randomly appeared every time our table did a group cheers and would yell "YEAAAAAHHHHH" at the top of his lungs, we met some marines from New Bedford that had the most fantastic Boston accents, and we made a series of ridiculous music requests....which Brian was a very good sport about and even attempted to play Single Ladies for us.  It was an absolutely amazing night!


Since Rach and I can't spend too much time at Murphy's...we headed back there on Sunday morning to watch the game.  We had almost the whole crew there this weekend and we had a lot of pre-game laughs over these commercials.  I think the egg roll one is my favorite.  The game itself didn't go so well but at least we had fun otherwise.  I also swapped numbers with a bunch of other fans so we can all meet up in Baltimore next weekend at the Patriots/Ravens game.  I am so excited about it!

I clearly managed to have a little too much fun this weekend since I am now suffering from the DEATH PLAGUE.  Ok...maybe that's a little over's just a head cold...but it FEELS LIKE THE DEATH PLAGUE.  It came at a very inconvenient time since I've got another busy week.  I'm hoping a good night's sleep will leave me feeling better tomorrow.


  1. I walked by Murphy's on Sunday and thought about sticking my head in to say hello, but figured you were probably mid-cheer during the game. I also developed a cold that won't go away. Going on a week... ugh

  2. Hahaha, the Geico caveman sounds funny!

    I hope you get to feeling better! xoxo

  3. The Boss! I don’t know much of his music, but I can imagine it was a pretty cool concert. Those Tums commercials are so weird, but I can’t stop looking when one comes on. Haha!