Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up


After another crazy work week, I decided to spend Friday night at home watching the season premiere of Supernatural...and I also somehow managed to let my friend Boy J convince me to run the Glow in the Dark 5K with him next month.  In retrospect, signing up for my first 5K with a guy who runs Tough Mudders may have been a poor choice.  I guess I better start training!


I ventured up to Princeton, NJ to share in the wedding of one of my favorite couples on Saturday.  A and L met during college orientation and they have been absolutely perfect for each other ever since.  They had a beautiful church wedding in the afternoon followed by a black tie optional reception that evening.  We had a few hours to kill between the wedding and the reception so we took the time to wander around Princeton and stop for some pumpkin ale and an awesome Oktober Fest themed lunch at Triumph Brewing Company.  Lunch was a nice way to catch up with some old friends and get to know A's friends from grad school.  I couldn't have asked to meet a more wonderful group of people!

The reception itself was such a great time!  The cocktail hour featured a full raw bar, carving station, and passed h'orderves.  After the cocktail hour ended we made our way into the gorgeous ballroom for dinner and dancing.  A's family really knows how to dance and they all hit the floor before the first course of dinner was even served.  I don't think the dance floor was empty once over the entire night!  Not only did the evening feature a DJ but A's family is Dominican so there was also a full Latin band.  It was definitely a party with salsa dancing, dance circles, and her dad, brother, and uncles busting out the Dougie.  All the guests may have also done the Gangnam Style dance.  It was epic.  After the wedding, A and L's families had rented out an amazing little restaurant called Tre Piani for an after party.  The after party was wonderful since it really gave us a chance to visit with the bride and groom...and do some shots....you know how we do.


After a very earlier morning trip back to DC, I decided to head to Murphy's to watch the Patriots take on the Broncos.  Most of my friends were out of town for the holiday weekend so I decided to head over by myself.  I was worried it was going to be awkward but it ended up being a blast!  After going to almost every game this season and last season, I've gotten to know a lot of the crowd so there were plenty of people to hang with.  Plus, a few of my friends from MA were in town on vacation and they ended up surprising me and showing up!  It was wonderful to see them.


My office was closed on Monday for Columbus Day so Jbunny and I had a lady date and went to see Pitch Perfect.  It was absolutely hilarious!  I think my favorite line was:

Bumper: I have the feeling we should kiss.
Fat Amy: Sometimes I get the feeling I should do crystal meth but then I think hmmmmm....better not.

That is pretty much going to be my new line whenever I encounter a creeper.  Has anyone else seen the movie yet?


  1. Wow, sounds like an action-packed long weekend. I really want to see Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson is my hero. She is hilarious.

    The wedding of your friends sounds like it was EPIC! I love it when people aren't scared to dance. There is nothing worse than an empty dance floor (well, whenever I am there, it is never empty! I am sad that way)

    Have a great rest of your week!


  2. Looks like you had a great weekend. I love super fun weddings--they're the best. I haven't seen Pitch Perfect yet but I really want to!