Friday, December 7, 2012

That is My Only Christmas Wish...

Yes, the title is lyrics from the 98 Degrees Christmas album.  It's fine.

I'm pretty sure we're doing a low key Christmas this year but it's still fun to come up with a wish list!  Here's what I would love to unwrap this year.

1. A Purse

via J. Crew
I usually ask for a new handbag for Christmas.  I don't have my heart set on anything particular this year but something with a similar shape and in a bright color like the J. Crew bag above.

2. Boots

via Target
I am DYING for a new pair of boots since I somehow managed to melt mine when storing them during the summer (I don't even know how that's possible but it happened).  I like to get my shoes at Target...I wear them out pretty quickly or decide I want to try a new style so I hate spending too much money on shoes.  I'm loving the boots above but this pair and this pair are close runners up.

3. Calendars

via TF Publishing
I had a Mary Phillips calendar this year and I absolutely loved it!  Her sassy sayings crack me up.  It's not very work appropriate though so I have my eye on a Vera Bradley calendar in Canyon for my cubicle.

4. Laugh with Me Lee Lee

via Benefit
My sister got me Laugh with me Lee Lee perfume for Christmas last year and I absolutely loved the scent.  LeeLee was one of my nicknames growing up so it was a perfect gift!  I've used up all my perfume from last year and I'm dying for another bottle.

5. Fornash Jewelry

Cut Out Murphy Earrings
 I have a not so secret obsession with Fornash and I am lusting over pretty much everything they have in their store right now...especially their Murphy Earrings, Enamel Spade Earrings, and Gecko Bangle.

6. Victoria's Secret Patriots Yoga Pants

via Victoria's Secret
I love these yoga pants so much!  Victoria's Secret has the cutest NFL products out right now...I kinda want all the Patriots gear but I think that might be excessive.

7. Gift Cards

I'm on a budget so gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or anywhere I can buy myself a meal are always appreciated.


  1. Oh I'd love a new handbag! Calendars and gift cards are always fun to get!

  2. I'm going to give my mom a gift card to Olive Garden and take her out to the movies. Everyone loves gift cards! Love that purse you picked out, too.

  3. I absolutely love looking at wish lists! It tells a lot about a person's style and what they like etc. Plus it gives me some great ideas for my own list too! haha Like those boots!! LOVE them! So funny, just this morning I was browsing Victoria's Secret Cowboys stuff! haha Like you I wanted everything they had! I love how we love our teams so much! I'm actually looking forward to watching your Pats tonight on MNF. They don't always show the Pats this part of the country and even though I am not a big Pats fan, I am a big "love looking at" Tom Brady fan! ;) Seriously gift cards are the way to go! I would LOVE a giftcard to VS (to get my Cowboys stuff!) and the MLB Shop :)

  4. Love that purse and those boots are cute! I am the same way about shoes.. I'd rather spend a small amount on something that will wear hard and I can replace it. So thankful Target has some decent looking shoes - they are my go to!

  5. I love the green bag!! I've never heard of Fornash. I'm on my way to check it out! Gift cards are my favorite present to receive!!