Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up


Ora arrived on Friday to spend inauguration weekend in DC and we spent the evening at Jbunny's for a wine night with the ladies.  I absolutely adore my girlfriends.  Over the years we've started to become very different from each other but they always feel like family.  We can have a heated debate about a social issue one minute and then spend the next minute laughing hysterically at a funny story.  After hanging with the girls, we ventured out to meet Secret Lover and J at Brass Monkey.  In typical fashion, we danced the night away while belting out the words to every 90s throwback they played.  It was a most excellent night.


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There were quite a few GW kids back in town for Inauguration weekend and on Saturday Jbunny, L, Ora and I met up for lunch at Rugby Cafe.  L moved away right after graduation and it was the first time we'd seen each other in almost three years.  It was absolutely wonderful to catch up and hear about all the exciting things going on in her life.  I was also pretty pumped to eat at Rugby...they have THE BEST cheeseburgers and they have a Scoutmob deal right now.  Go check them out!  After lunch we hit up a wine tasting at Dean & Deluca and did a little shopping in Gtown.

Saturday night, we went to the Blisspop Inauguration Party at U Street Music Hall where Moby DJed.  The music was fantastic, Moby had such high energy, and the crowd was a lot of fun.  We danced for hours!  I also may have accidentally gotten the guy I was dancing with kicked out of the bar (I told homeboy he was getting too handsy and the bouncer standing next to us escorted him out immediately...ooops!  Luckily he was a good sport about it and was totally cool when I bumped into him at D's house after the concert).  My GW ladies decided to head home after Moby finished up but I stuck around with C to listen to Will Eastman for a bit and then we continued our night morning over at D's.  I've been absolutely loving hanging out with C again and I'm so glad we both ended up moving from MA to the DMV.  I now have a partner in crime for my concert habit and I've really enjoyed meeting her friends!


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On Sunday afternoon we headed over to Bilbo Baggins for lunch...yes you read that right...it's a Lord of the Rings themed restaurant.  It's a neat little place with just the kind of food you want after a big night out and trivia cards on the tables which definitely kept us amused.  They also have a Scoutmob deal right now so it's the perfect time to try it out.  After lunch, we headed over to Murphy's to watch the Pats game.  I don't know what was sadder, the fact that we lost or the fact that I won't be seeing our little Patriots family every week until the fall.  I think Pats Tailgate Guy and I hugged at least 5 times.  A few of us swapped numbers though so I'm hoping I won't have to wait until next season to see everyone again!


I definitely did not feel like braving the inauguration crowds on Monday so I spent the day holed up in my apartment with the roomie.  Let me tell you, it was much nicer to watch the inauguration on TV than it was to brave the bitterly cold weather 4 years ago.  After wathcing the inauguration, we caught some quality TV programs like Amish Mafia and Lifetime's Prosecuting Casey Anthony...it was nice to relax a little bit after a busy weekend!


  1. Sounds like a super fun-filled weekend!
    I've never been to Bilbo Baggins before--didn't even know that existed!! haha

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend!!!! I had a lazy Monday too and it was glorious.

  3. Your weekends always sound fun. I'm beginning to think I need to come visit DC ;)