Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stuff I Like

1. Nobel Son

via Amazon
I watched Nobel Son over the weekend and I thought it was an excellent movie.  In the movie, Alan Rickman plays a Nobel prize laureate whose son is kidnapped.  The kidnappers demand Rickman's Nobel prize money as ransom but Rickman is too greedy to part with it.  I don't want to give anything away but the movie is full of plot twists and unexpected connections between characters.  The story is a bit dark but well told.  I definitely recommend watching this.

2. Julep Annie (Trina Turk Collection)

via Julep
I rocked Julep's Annie from their Trina Turk collect last week.  It's a perfect bright pop of color but still has enough dark undertones for winter.

3. Cocktails for Three

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Jessica at Preppin' Postgrad sent me Madeleine Wickham's Cocktails for Three as part of Blogger Book Swap.  I finished it last week and I really enjoyed it.  Cocktails for Three follows the lives of three best friends as one enters motherhood, one ends an affair with a married man, and the third introduces a new friend to the mix.  Their friendship dynamic is easily relatable and makes for a fun easy read.  It would make a great book to take on a vacation.

4. Car2Go

My coworkers have been raving about Car2Go lately and I recently had the chance to try it out...I'm officially raving about it too.  If you're not familiar with it, Car2Go is similar to ZipCar EXCEPT you can leave the car anywhere (well anywhere with a legit parking space) once you're done with it.  You simply use the Car2Go app to track down a car, drive it to your destination, park it, and leave it.  It's convenient and cheap.  It is definitely a service I'll use again.

5. The Tempest

It's no secret that I love Synetic Theater so when I heard they were putting on a production of The Tempest, I immediately bought tickets.  The show was absolutely incredible.  It's all performed on a water stage and the splashing/water droplets flying through the air combined with the lighting, really bring Prospero's magic to life.  The cast was fantastic with each member bringing a personal touch to their role.  I was an especially big fan of Caliban and Ariel.  Both of them move in a way that allows you to picture them as magical creatures and not humans.  The Tempest is running until March 24th and I can't recommend going to see it highly enough.  If you do go see it, consider sitting in the splash zone.  Synetic will provide you with a poncho and it's a lot of fun to experience the show up close.


  1. Car2Go is FANTASTIC we loved it when I was studying in Austin!

  2. Definitely putting Nobel Son on my list. Can't wait to watch it. Love Alan Rickman like whoa.