Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I had the MOST perfect weekend...full of friends, sunshine, and fun.  Here's what went down.


After work on Friday, we went to the House of Walker event at the Living Social building.  It was seriously one of the best free events I've ever been to.  The night started with a film on Johnnie Walker and then a tasting session led by their US brand ambassador.  He went over all the different ways to taste whiskey (neat, with water, on the rocks) and how exactly each of those options impacts the flavor.  After that, we were free to roam the House of Walker which featured tastings of black label, double black label, blue label, and a speak easy room where all the cocktails were made with red label.  The blue label was to die for...and someone should probs give me $200 so I can buy myself a bottle.  Any takers?

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After the event, we headed over to Ping Pong Dim Sum for a late dinner.  I'd never been before but the food was fantastic...especially the pulled pork spring rolls.  C met us there for a drink and then she and I continued out while the rest of the group went home.  First we hit up Zengo to partake in their late night happy hour.  I've been there for dinner and hh before but never to go out at night.  It was full of middle aged people breaking it down to the DJ.  It was amazing and I hope I'm that much fun when I'm older.  We continued our night with a stop at Penn Social where we made some new friends and dragged them over to Brixton with us.  When we got to Brixton we discovered PD celebrating his birthday with his dad/cousins/brother/the we obviously joined in the celebrations.  It was such an unexpected and fun end to the evening!


Saturday ended up being a completely amazing and random day.  It started off with delicious vegan cinnamon rolls from Everlasting Life (seriously...go get yourself some...immediately) at the boys' house and D and C suggesting we all go get pedicures together.  So we went on a totally random double pedicure date.  The boys were kinda hilarious and full of questions about each step of the process.  I was feeling totally relaxed afterwards and headed home to sit on my balcony, read, and enjoy the sunshine.

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That night, I met back up with C and her roommate and we headed to H Street Country Club for a few drinks.  We had these unbelievable sangria margaritas.  I HIGHLY recommend trying one next time you find yourself on H Street.  After H Street Country Club, we were in the mood to do some dancing so we headed over to Rock n Roll Hotel where we ran into PD and his family again (I'm pretty sure he was stalking me this weekend haha) and danced until the bar closed.  After that we grabbed a bite at Dangerously Delicious Pies (the SMOG pie is exactly what you need after a night of dancing) and all headed home.


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I spent some wonderful time with the Junior League ladies on Sunday.  We brunched at Lavagna (the goat cheese omelet and bottomless mimosas are where it's at) and then walked around Eastern Market.  I scored a KILLER fascinator for my Kentucky Derby party this weekend.  I cannot wait to rock it!

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