Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up


On Thursday I went and saw Simian Mobile Disco at U Street Music Hall.  I am a huge Simian fan so it was definitely a treat to get to see them play for free.  The night was extra special since it was one of the last chances I'll have to go out with KG before he moves to away next month.  We danced our butts off and had a fantastic time!


I spent a fantastic Saturday sipping McSwags (a P. Diddy creation that consists of McDonald's strawberry lemonade and red berry Ciroc...it's delicious...you need to try it) at MP's pool.  MP was my roommate junior and senior year of college and she is definitely one of my best friends.  It was lovely to soak up some sun and share some girl talk.

That evening, I ventured out in Clarendon with some of the Junior League ladies.  We started off our night at Liberty Tavern to watch the Bruins game (I don't want to talk about it) before venturing over to Whitlow's and Clarendon Ballroom.  I had a great time with the girls but I'm not so sure Clarendon's my scene.  I like my men a little bit less fratastic and my bars a little classier.  I'd definitely give it another shot though...maybe I just need to check out different spots!


via Hyperbole and a Half
MP and I had every intention of returning to the pool on Sunday but alas, the weather didn't cooperate. Instead I spent the afternoon running errands, cooking, and cleaning my apartment LIKE AN ADULT.  And of course...the roomie and I ended our evening by watching True Blood with Rach.  It made for the perfect relaxing conclusion to the weekend

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