Thursday, June 27, 2013

Workout Cycle

I have a tendency to fall into a horrible workout cycle.  I go hard at the gym, count every calorie I eat, and get damn skinny for months at a time.  But once I'm feeling comfortable, I start to slack off.  "No worries", I tell myself, "you're in great shape...skipping a workout this week will be fine".  Which progresses to "why not go out for happy hour and dinner three nights this week?"  Which progresses to "you've had a busy's fine that you haven't made it to the gym".

This bad behavior culminates in a full on Sassy Gay Friend moment. I end up standing in front of my mirror, staring in horror at the little beer pouch I have managed to grow after wreaking havoc on my body throughout the past three months.

After this horrible realization, I get myself back on that workout grind...and the cycle starts all over again.

Getting caught in the workout cycle seems to be a common thread in conversations I've had with my friends lately.  We're all deep in the throes of it as bikini season taunts us.  We know we can lose the weight...we've done it every year...but we can never seem to strike the right balance when transitioning from actively losing to maintaining, which traps us in the cycle for another summer.  If you have tips about how to avoid this, I'd love to hear them because right now....

I'm just doing a lot of this:


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  1. I think everyone has that tendancy to start and stop there exercise routines i know i sure do.