Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up


My Friday started out with some exciting news at work (that I will be sharing next Monday!) and continued to get better from there.  After work, I headed over to C's for drinks with her, NR, DM, SV and a few of SV's friends.  It was fun to catch up on everyone's weeks and listen to some music.  A highlight of the night was definitely the homeboy above putting on oven mitts and dancing around the living himself...yeah...we didn't really know what was going on either haha.  Afterwards, C, DM, and I headed over to U Hall for their tribute to Daft Punk and French House music.  Will Eastman DJed and he was AMAZING as always.  I ended up calling it a bit of an early night though.  I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed from all the exciting things that happened during the day and needed to get some sleep!


On Saturday afternoon, one of the JLW ladies got married!  The ceremony was just for family but there was a large reception afterwards that we attended.  Everything was beautiful!  The bride was gorgeous, the groom seemed so happy, and the groom's mother had crafted so many unique details (like the sign above).  It really made the day special.  They also had a ton of lawn games (I obviously challenged everyone to bocce), amazing BBQ for dinner, and a cupcake tower.

Post-wedding, I headed over to Whitlow's to celebrate CM selling his house!  I am so thrilled for him.  CM is P's roommate but we've managed to maintain a really great friendship.  In fact, we were able to get a big group of the Murphy's crew together.  We spent almost every weekend together last summer so it's been strange to barely see each other this year.  It was absolutely wonderful to all get together and catch up!


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I started off my Sunday with brunch at Agora with C, DM, MK, and JB.  Agora has such a delicious brunch.  I decided to try something different this time and ordered the Pastirma Eggs Benedict and they definitely did not disappoint.  After our awesome brunch we weren't ready to part ways yet and we headed over to James Hoban's to sit on the patio, have a beer, and chat.  JK was able to join us once she got off of work which was a nice treat!  After our Sunday Funday, I headed home to do some laundry (yay for being an adult!) and watch True Blood with the roomie and Rach.  All in all, it was a most excellent weekend.

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