Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up


On Friday C, MK, DM, NR and I headed up to Baltimore for Budweiser's Made in America event.  We went to the DC event a week and a half ago and the Baltimore event was just as much fun!  They had an amazing cake made by Charm City Cakes (of Ace of Cakes fame), plenty of cold beer, killer DJs....and once was all free!  I was most excited to see RAC after their killer performance at U Street Music Hall earlier this summer and they definitely didn't disappoint.  They had us dancing away and even played their Blue Jeans mix which is a favorite of C and I.  Savoy performed after RAC wrapped up.  I didn't really know anything about Savoy prior to the event but I fell in love with them.  Their drops were absolutely filthy and their use of a live drummer on stage added so much more to their set.  I also had the chance to meet up with AH, MM, and RM while we were in Baltimore.  They're all friends from various places in my life that happen to live in Bmore now.  It was so wonderful to catch up and I definitely see many more hang outs in our future!


Saturday was T$'s sad but very fun going away BBQ.  T$ is moving to the windy city to start business school (like a boss!) at the end of the week.  We are going to miss her so much as she is such an integral part of our friend group!  The BBQ was at her parents' home (which was lovely) and I couldn't get over all the delicious food they made.  T$ made these ballin' Brownie Saltine Bourbon Ice Cream Sandwiches...I am totally going to make them for my next gathering...they were just too good.

After T$'s party, I headed over to Murphy's (for the first time since May...can you believe it!?) to meet up with CM, SC, and P to celebrate their big move into their new house!  AD, KC, and KB ended up coming to meet us and we had the BEST night.  They're all such fun people and we always have a wonderful time when we get together.  After the bar closed, CM asked me if I wanted to come and see their new house...I obviously said yes!  Their new place is absolutely gorgeous and after getting the official tour, we sat on their deck and had a few drinks with their neighbors (who were absolutely CRAY btw) before calling it a night.

I'm not gonna lie, the whole post bar interaction was a little bit strange for me.  I think P and I will always be in a weird place with each other.  I'm over it...but spending time with him is comfortable and we always end up talking in our own little corner when we get together in groups.  He was making weird comments though.  The "I missed yous" are out of place and him drunkenly telling his neighbor that we were getting married in June on the beach was really really uncomfortable.  Sigh


Waking up in the same place with SC is always fun and our Sunday morning started out with a coffee date and helping her decide how to arrange their living room furniture while the boys did god knows what.  We all hung out for a few hours before I headed home.  I was planning on having a quite day but I got an amazing surprise from C and DM when they decided to show up for some poolside relaxing.  It was so nice to catch up on our weekend adventures and make some plans for next!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and I love anything and involves good cake. : ] Famous good cake is even better!

    Sorry I've been a little scarce with comments but I love knowing what you're up too! : ]


  2. Those brownie sandwiches sound yum, and I love BBQs! Cute mug, too :)